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DJ Nightshade

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DJ NightShade calls San Diego home , involved with a truly unique in San Diego monthly event BROADCAST attracting talents such as T-1000, Stewart Walker, Beretta Records, and Adam Jay.

DJ Nightshade mixes a refreshing program of soul pumping techno. He also demonstrates technical skills on the mix console, holding long extended mixes peppered with funky surprises.

After becoming exposed to the DJ/ Rave culture in the fall of 1995, DJ Nightshade became permanently entrenched in an ideology he had been waiting his entire life to find. Two years later, DJ Nightshade began djing Hardcore Techno/ Gabber music… later to concentrate soley on hard techno beats.

January of 2001 saw DJ Nightshade’s first experience djing in front of a large crowd at a one-off event called Ultraviolet Dreams in Indianapolis, IN. Since then he has played in front of 500 people opening up for Reid Speed at Fusion 1.0 as well as producing two events with the Bloomington Bass Syndicate.

The two events: “Swarm” featuring Pollen from Cleveland, and “Syndicate Strikes Back” featuring US debut appearance from U.K. DJ Wrisk and MC Bubbla of Gain Recordings and Midwest debut appearance from Rob F out of the D.C. area were highly anticipated and largely successful for mid-scale Indiana events.

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