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Lost Route has always been fans of music. From early ages their love for unique styles and genres always opened their mind up for new places and people.

In 2001 they discovered a world of music that they never knew before. A world of electronic dance music. This world was so new and facinating that Lost Route decided to embark on a very passionate mission. A mission to explore not only their musical ability, but also to give to others what music gives to them……. Emotion.

After awhile Lost Route’s skill became quality, even landing them resident slots in local clubs and events. And soon there after Regional and National Events and clubs. During this time, Lost Route’s style and visual display during their sets started earning them great recognition in the industry.

In 2004 Lost Route decided that they wanted to explore not only the musical production aspects of EDM but also the promoter side. Throwing events in Louisville Kentucky featuring the likes of Andy Moor, Kenneth Thomas, The Thrillseekers, AK1200, Dj Icey, Even Bone Thugs N Harmony.

Each event they promoted and participated in not only allowed them to dj with some world class talent, but also the ability to network and pick the brains of great producers.

It was during the Thrillseekers show that Kenneth was granted a very unique opportunity. Steve asked him to tag team with him during his set. Surprised by this opportunity he did what any DJ would do, yes…. of course ROCK THE CROWD!.

As the years passed Lost Route’s Original Productions became more and more professional. People from all over the world showed great interest in their ability to remix tracks and come up with unique compilations of emotional composition.

Now with 20 original tracks and 10 highly supported remixes, Lost Route seeks not only greater achievements but more importantly to share the love of music with everyone who’s open to their style. The crowd is always the motivation behind Lost Route’s sets. The crowds reaction and interaction always determines which direction the set will go.

Their musical influences depend on genre and era, in house, Cedric Gervais, David Guetta, Starkillers, Eric Prydz and Richard Vision top his list. In Trance, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren, Andy Moor, And The Thrillseekers Reign as his top influences. For the classical era they tend to enjoy Chopin, Rachmoninoff, Grieg, and Mozart. Every set contains a essential selection of new unreleased promos and classics that keep the vibe going.

Because they never plan their set, each performance is unique and different then the last. The only way to determine how the set will go, is to be apart of a crowd feeding them energy. If you are prepared to embark on a journey, a fairy tale, or just put your hands in the air, let Lost Route take you there!

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