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DJ Nas

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NAS was born and rased in the capital of Greece, Athens. His style in mixing has been described as house of all types ( techno, tribal, progressive, electro).

His interest in music started in an early age, so that made him take courses in a great music school of Athens on electric guitar and drums! 1993 found him playing electric guitar in a well known alternative punk rock group called SHADOWS(SKIES) where he performed in many festivals around Athens among with well known groups such as PANX ROMANA,TRIPES,DEUS EX MACINA.

As a child, rased under the evolution of electronic scene 1990-2000, NAS started paying more attention at the progression of electronic scene. He was ammazed from the idea that music created by omputers could transfer the artists feelings and pass it to all over the people!

After changing the millennium, he started buying his first records and after a while he started playing as an amateur dj. Sinse then he’s loved mixing records and feels that djing was his life. Concurrently, he took some intensive lessons on music production and sound engineering and in 2004 he started playing professionally.

He’s has played in clubs suchas: SOUL, LUV, LOOP, DANZA, PIERROS, YOU , RAJ, ATLANTIS, DELUXE, SAMAKA, LOBI, IVI, PLAYBACK (by Pierros), FOINIKOUNTA, BALOO, AMMOS, and PARSEC to name a few.

He’s also performed with many well known producers, such as Steve Angello(Size Records) , Steve Sai(Rythmetic Records), Phat Jack(Neon Music), Muscle k(94.0 FM), Kostas K, CJ Jeff (Rythmetic Records), David Duriez(Audio Families), Christian Cambas, and Dimitri Motofunk.

His first EP “The Sounds Of Greece” released by Digiprana Records (New York), has been playing from New York, South Africa, UK, and Greece. Further releases releases include “Addictive House EP” STEREOFX RECORDINGS(S.AFRICA) with remixes by RMB, “Someone Like You EP” CO2 RECORDINGS (HOLLAND), “Bodyshine EP” RENNO RECORDS (BRAZIL) with remixes by Skitish, Sin Tek, and Benny Nlazin, “Sane Insane EP” TRACTO RECORDS(ITALY-GERMANY).

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