Got Plur? 2010.06.12

Got Plur?

Got Plur? | 2010/06/12 | Ft. Wayne

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Groove Room
Groove room description here.

Cut Culprit / Electro House / Melodic Rec. / 00:00(60 min.)

Coppertop / Industrial Hardcore / Vendetta Music / 01:00(60 min.)

Digital Mizchief / N/A / n/A / 02:00(60 min.)

Turtlematt / House / Breaks / Turtle Productions / Spoololife / 20:00(60 min.)
One of the regions rising stars, this Indiana USA DJ has gained regional notoriety in a seemingly short time. Submerged in EDM before the turn of the millennium, Turtlematt’s foundation in EDM was inspired from the dancefloor up.

Turtlematt began assembling mid-scale events in 2002, established “Turtle Productions” in 2005, and found himself playing at events in 2007.

Sharing the stage with such EDM fixtures as Paul Johnson, Stacy Kidd, DJ Micro, DJ Shortee, DJ Venom, and Angel Alanis to name a few, Turtlematt has attracted a dedicated following throughout the region.

Joining the Spoololife promotion team in 2005, Turtlematt has learned from aspiring developers, coordinators, producers, performers, and engineers, earning his place as Spoololife event coordinator in 2007.

Turtlematt programs innovative sessions of house and breaks seasoned with his refreshing stage presence and a static connection to the dancefloor.

Heathcliff / Electro House /Techno / Propetual Sound Solutions / 21:00(60 min.)

tha Doc / Drum N Bass / THINK Music / 22:00(60 min.)
tha Doc began showing a interest in the edm culture in 1998. He then fell in love with the scene the first time he put an ear to Drum and Bass. Born a Utah resident, now residing in Indiana, tha Doc began flourishing his name throughout the club scene beginning in January 06. He made a much anticipated appearance at a local major MidWest tour called DnB Liberation Front tour.
Since then, tha Doc has made a name for himself by performing at events with the likes of big name artists, such as, John B., Dieselboy, Juan Atkins and Random Movement, just to name a few.
He holds a residency at Konkrete Jungle Indy chapter and has performed at numerous clubs and events throughtout the Midewest and Eastcoast. Touching down in such places as Chicago, Buffalo and Detroit, this guy shows no signs of stopping.
In the past year, Tha Doc has been working away on the production front of things. With a few tunes ready to be released on DubFront Records as well as other labels looking to grab up some of what he conjours up and brings to the table. And as one half of the production team behind ‘Paranoid Inc.’ tha Doc is most definitely one to keep a eye on in the now and future times.
-C. Buess

THA DOC—- Mashed up in digital shotgun-blast pleasure… with not one ear to spare… in violent, fever-shaking… cocoon awakening percussive defiance. Double-click.. Hell hath no fury than that like tha Doc as it unfolds upon you mere mortals.
As uncivilized worlds fall, wiping away in consequential devastation!

Surrender! or be swallowed whole, in deposing teeth-smashing audio warfare. As the mothership blocks out the sun, when the apocalyptic trumpet shockwaves begin to peel back your skin.
Pummeling the concrete with vinyl-winged sirens… you are commandeered pet faithfuls of tha Doc. Blistering your senses to ultimate climax. With no temperment, hunting you down.
Being made prey by inferior-catalystic nervous system erupting, sonic emotion with meticulous, surgical presion.
With no way to escape from tha Doc.
As the bodies become jammed in the doors of sensory overload you all will fall victim in his wake of annihilation. tha Doc will not take any prisoners, there will be no survivors.
As your heartbeat stops, you have been torn from your collective mind. Welcome…your father of obliteration. tha Doc is here to collect your hide!
-A. P. Barnyard

Craig Kavasia / Electro/Fidget / CK Productions / 23:00(60 min.)

Skybox description here

Dez Troy / Ragga Jungle / Peelmore Inc / 00:00(60 min.)

King of Thieves / Jungle / Light it up / 01:00(60 min.)

Fabyan / Electro/Breaks / Soundfactory / 02:30(60 min.)

Chocolate / House / House of Babylon / 04:00(60 min.)
something about tfa

guest dj / aa / aa / 05:00(60 min.)

Hotsauce / Techno / House / Spoololife / 20:00(60 min.)
From Miami to Detroit, the past 14 years has seen Hotsauce billed alongside EDM fixtures as DJ Shortee, DJ Venom, UFO, DJ FUNK, Paul Anthony, Terry Mullin, and Jason Tyler to name a few, Hotsauce is a premier choice for House and Techno lovers. From global festivals such as Wnter Music Conference… to underground massives like Pilgrims & Indians, Hotsauce is a well seasoned floorshaker. Droppin’ beats for over 10 years on the 1s and 2s, producing fresh choons, and assisting in event production and promotion are comonplace in his everyday life. Catch his guest appearance in Jason Tyler’s “Run Around” Music Video Feat. Sam I Am.

veselmoy / Hardcore / N/A / 21:00(60 min.)

Jake Amora / Electro House / N/A / 22:00(60 min.)

Epitaph / Jungle / Regime Recordings / 23:00(60 min.)

Arena description here

Gizzmo / Dubstep / iQ Entertainment / 00:00(60 min.)

Ghost / Jungle / N/A / 01:00(60 min.)

Danny the Wildchild / Drum and Bass / N/A / 02:00(60 min.)

Satronica / Industrial / N//A / 03:00(60 min.)

Da lollipop Kids / Happy Hardcore / Ohio Hardcore / 04:00(60 min.)

copyright / / / 05:00(60 min.)
im a dj. i play hardstyle. book me! it would be the shit!

Defi / Trance / … / 21:00(60 min.)

James B. / Trance / … / 21:00(60 min.)
James B can be named among one of the most versatile DJ’s in Indy. Breaks, Trance, Progressive, or Techno…you name it James B will BRING IT! James B is a seasoned veteran, which has been moving the dance floors since 2001. You will occasionally see him sharing the wheels-of-steel with Dj Defi. Also, was once part of the retired group Just 3 White Guys (3×6 multi-genre turntablism), which played at several music festivals in the Midwest. Be on the lookout in 2010 as his calendar is already filling up!

Dj Chris Whinn / electro house / N/A / 22:00(60 min.)

2 rip / Electro breaks / Badasz Raves / 23:00(60 min.)

Log Squared / … / Woody / 18:00(60 min.)
50,000 WATS of digital dancefloor fidelity requires structural integrity inspections of the venues it serves… as it shakes fixtures from ceilings, and windows from walls. Log Squared sound systems have been rockin’ dancefloors for years, but recently… we’ve noticed a whole new sound system. Designed, engineered, and constructed by Log Squared, the new “2nd GENERATION” subwoofer enclosures raise the bar in powerful high fidelity bass reproduction.

Quickmix Visuals / … / Mike / 18:00(60 min.)

Quickmix Visuals / … / Mike / 20:00(60 min.)

Security team

security 1 / n/a / n/a / 00:00(60 min.)

security 2 / aa / aaaa / 00:00(60 min.)

Security 3 / aa / aaa / 00:00(60 min.)

Security 4 / aaa / aaaa / 00:00(60 min.)

security 5 / aa / aa / 00:00(60 min.)

Security 7 / aaa / aaa / 00:00(60 min.)

security 8 / aa / aaa / 00:00(60 min.)

Security 9 / aaa / aaa / 00:00(60 min.)

security 10 / aa / aaa / 00:00(60 min.)

security 11 / aa / aa / 00:00(60 min.)

security 12 / a / aa / 00:00(60 min.)

Pharmy / Booking / Promotion / Spoololife / PhD Productions / 20:00(60 min.)
Having coordinated a number of events over the years, Pharmy is a well connected veteran of EDM affairs who can book anyone or anything EDM.

His promotion group, PhD Productions, has brought EDM legends Frankie Bones, Heather Heart, DB and many many more to ragin’ stages of midwest massives.

Aboard the crew since 2006, his contributions to Spoololife events have inspired us since 2004. Skillfully spearheading effective event promotion campaigns, choose Pharmy to propel your next EDM event.

Chris / Law Enforcement / 10+ / 23:00(60 min.)
Police officer in fort wayne

Event administrators and principal agents.

Light It Up Productions / EDM / Nicole / 00:00(60 min.)

KJ Productions / EDM / Keri / 00:00(480 min.)
Mad skills

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