The Hookah House

Hookah House is an authentic Turkish hookah bar and cafe located in Fountain Square, Indianapolis. Come and kick back with a few friends on one of our three mezanine style seating levels, or out on one of our two patios in the Hookah Garden. We offer Nakhla, Al-Fahker, and Starbuzz brands of tobacco, as well as beer and wine. We also have a variety of Turkish dishes on our menu. And of course– the tea is always on at Hookah House.

937 S. East Street | Indianapolis, IN 46225 | (317) 624-1700

-Acid Gold $12.50
-Starbuzz Bold 12.50
add a flavor $6.00(Queen of Sex-Peach Queen-Code Blue)
-Starbuzz $11.50 add a flavor $6.00
(Blue Mist – Citrus Mist – Code 69 -Citrus Mint – Pirates Cave – White Peach – Double Apple – Sweet Me

-Hummus, served Traditional with warm pita $5.90
-Falafel, 3pcs to a plate with tomato, lettuce and tahini sauce$6.90 Dolma, rice rolled in grape leaves (Vegetarian) $6.90
-French Fries, Seasoned fresh cut fries $3.50
-Sigara Borek, Feta Cheese and parsley in crispy yufka 4pcs $6.50
-Mozarella Sticks, Hand Breaded 5 pcs $6.50
-Chicken Nuggets, 6pcs $5.90, 12pcs $9.90 (Hand Breaded)
-Quesadilla, Crisp tortilla w/cheese, tomato and onion $5.90
-Simit Plate, Warm Turkish bread w/feta cheese and tomato $4.90

Green Salads
-Romaine: Tomatoes, Cucumber & Parmesan Slices $5.95
-Roasted Turkey Romaine $9.50
-Caprese: Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil in oil dressing w Pita $7.50
-Shepperd Salad: Onions,Green Peppers, Tomato, Cucumber in Lemon Dressing $5.95
-Greek Salad: Lettuce,Tomato,GreenPepper w/Feta $6.95
-Ceaser: Romaine,Croutons, Chicken, Ceaser Dressing $9.90

Omlets (Served with french fries and toast)
-Plain $4.50
-Feta $5.90
-Soujouk $6.90
-Veggie $5.50

Turkish Style Eggs (Served w/ warm pita)
2 Eggs 3 Eggs
-Plain $3.50 $4.50
-Menemen$6.90 $7.90
-Feta $5.50 $6.50
-Soujouk $6.25 $7.25

Flatbread Pizza $7.50
French Chesse and tomato paste on a seasoned crisp flatbread
Extra toppings available: Onion,GreenPepper,Tomatoes $.50 each
Soujouk $2.00

-Sample plate: Falafel, Sigara Borek, Dolma, Hummus $11.50
-Hamburger: Lettuce,Onion,Tomato,Pickle, Mayones w/Fries $7.25
-Club Sandwich: Lettuce,Tomato,Onion, Turkey w/Fries $8.85
-Borek: Yufka w/choice of filling(Feta Cheese,Spinach,Beef $5.50
-Cheese Panini: On White Pullman Toast $5.25
-Yengen Panini: Soujouk,TomatoPaste,Cheese,Oregano $7.25
-Feta Cheese Sand: Feta Cheese,Tomatoes,Olive spread,Cucumber on Pullman Toast $5.90
-Salmon Sand: Smoke Salmon w/dill sauce,Pickels,Onion,Lettuce on Pullman Toast $7.75
-Falafel Wrap: Homemade Falafel w/Lettuce,Tomato,Onion and Tahini Sauce $5.90
-Steakwrap: Sauteed Steak w/Lettuce,Tomato,Onion,Hot Sauce and Mustard $8.25
-Grilled Chicken Wrap: GrilledChicken w/ Lettuce,Tomato,Onion, Hot Sauce and Mustard

Desserts $4.50
-Revani: White Semolina Cake in simple syrup
-Baklava: Crisp filo w/ traditional filling
-Orange Cake: Delicious aroma of orange & spices
-Chocolate Biscuit Pie: Homemade Turkish style Biscuit Pie!!
-Ice Cream: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry

Drinks Juices $3.50
-Bottled Water $1 -Orange
-Coke Products $1.95 -Orange-Mango
-Turkish Tea $1 -Apple
-Turkish Coffee $2.50 -Pomegranate-Bluberry
-Fresh Orange Juice $4.50
-Ayran $3.50
-Smoothie $4.95

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