Dancin in the Dark 2 2012.4.13-14

Start off your Indiana Festival Season for a 2nd time at Dancin’ in the Dark Music Festival for the same affordable price! Much love and props to the 600 plus who came out last year and showed nothing will stop you from raging the Waterbowl!!! A lot of connections and momentum into last years season was gained at DITD. More people networking, visualizing, and experiencing. That’s all it takes to make the music scene grow. Turtle Productions bringing you festivals that are affordable at $10presale/$15 at the gate for the Weekend to make sure this awesome experience can happen to everyone!

The Rumpke Mountain Boys

Cincinnati, OH (Trashgrass/Bluegrass/Jam)

http:// Rumpkemountainboys.org/

Rumpke Mountain Boys have molded their own style of bluegrass/jamgrass that they call Trashgrass. Using banjo, mandolin, bass, and acoustic guitar RMB plays a wide variety original and cover material. The band’s choice of songs to cover leaves no genre of music untouched. Being a group comprised of four singer/songwriters their list of originals is just as diverse. The passion and drive of their live performance has made Rumpke a favorite at festivals and music venues everywhere they go.

The Main Squeeze

Bloomington, IN (Rock/Funk/Soul/Jam)


The Main Squeeze was formed in the spring of 2009 in Bloomington, Indiana. Their unique sound mixes the influences of funk, rock, hip-hop, and blues. So far they have opened up for national acts including State Radio,Young Jeezy, and Wale. They play twice a month at the Bluebird Nightclub, the premiere venue for live music in Bloomington.
Other venues they have played include Kilroys Sports Bar, Jakes Nightclub, 902’s, several soroity and fraternity philanthopies and private events as well as other IU campus events. They’re in the process of finishing their first album which they hope will be done by early 2011 at the latest. The Squeeze has developed a huge fanbase in Bloomington and are looking to expand to different college campuses and cities around the midwest and eventually, the world.

Kwanzaa Pops & IRB Sound

Indianapolis, IN (Reggae)


The best in the Midwest Kwanzaa Popps has been performing internationally since 1987, and has shared stages some of reggae’s biggest names, including: Burning Sear, Culture, The Itals, The Wailers, Eek-a Mouse, Lucky Dube, and Michael Rose. As a founding member of the IRB Sound, Kwanzaa continues to release hits with his unmistakable style while locally based in Indianapolis Indiana.
The Indiana Reggae Band (IRB Sound) is comprised of true students… turned CREATORS of the unmistakable sound of real reggae music. From the fathers of Rock steady, to new school, and DUB. IRB uses traditional, and original style’s, to further the dynamic truth, and universal message of reggae, and musical translation.

Half Naked

East Moline, IL (Electronica / JamTronic)


Half Naked is a new electronic live funk band, comprised of 3 of best Quad Cities DJs/Musicians/Producers has to offer (Jimmy Tripp, Sean Tripp, Josh Smith). Electronic production mixed with live drums, Saxophone, Trombone, and Keyboards. These three have vast influences in music such as Jazz, Rock, Classical, and Electronic Dance Music, which all contribute to the awesome sound of Half Naked.

Losing September

Muncie, IN (Hard Rock)


Losing September is a Midwest hard rock band with heavy, grinding rhythms and melodic metal leads. Fane’s voice sets the group apart from all others, helping people renew their faith in Rock and Roll.
Losing September is currently finishing up their sophomore CD, yet untitled, which is due out summer 2012. Their debut CD “There Will Be Casualties” is available on iTunes.

Circle City Deacons

Indianapolis (Rocksteady /Reggae / Ska)

Mike Martin Band

Muncie, IN (Folk0

Tonal Caravan

Muncie, IN (Rock / Americana / Fusion)

Mikial Robertson, Megan Maudlin

(Accoustic stylings between sets)







Louisville, KY (Drum n Bass)

Icarus Audio / Scripture Music / Triple Vision Music Group
DJ/Producer, Brandon Stewart aka “Staticalpha” has been a driving force representing the evolving sound of Drum and Bass in the Midwestern USA for many years. As the founder of the established recording label Icarus Audio, Staticalpha will always deliver a showcase of EXCLUSIVE material and demonstrate the mixing abilities of an absolute surgeon. Among his travels to many cities all over the country, Staticalpha has shared the stage with the likes of Dieselboy, Hive, Dara, Evol Intent, Klute, Excision, and many other A-List performers. Staticalpha will always showcase cutting edge Drum and Bass with a performance presence that is completely unrivaled.

J. Lettow
Cincinnati, OH (Funky House)

Lingo Recordings

J has had a House music influence for most of his life. In his teens his fatherlived in Chicago; giving him an early edge in the party scene and the music. In 1996 hestarted playing music regularly all over the North and Midwest states as DJ DVST8, anearlier moniker. In 2003 he started Lingo Recordings, with Matt Ice and WilliamAlexander, to give new and established producers an outlet for their music and to keepthe house scene alive. Committed to bringing quality dance music on a consistent

basis for House lovers at home and abroad. This rings true with both the label and inhis own production. J has definitely evolved with music and brought his producing skillsto the next level. With releases on House music labels like Soul Fuel, KolourRecordings, UMA, and Safe in Sound along with his own imprint Lingo Recordings. Look for upcoming releases on Soul Fuel, Open Bar, 1200 Traxx, and Lingo


Cincinnati, OH (Dubstep)

In 2011 Spank played 100+ shows, traveling over 90,000 miles, meeting AMAZING people while attempting to spread a message of higher awareness among the people. From sunrise sets in the French Quarter of New Orleans to the 4:20 set at Wakarusa 2011, and many many places in between Spanky has constantly been rocking parties at every stop. Playing alongside every major cutting edge act in livetronica, dubstep, and edm as well as many major festival appearances including Wakarusa, SummerCamp, Sonic Bloom, Bassnectar’s First Bass Center, Camp Euforia, and is already slated to take the stage at this year’s SummerCamp Music Festival!


Chicago, IL (US Hardstyle)

Davario Records /Hard Dance Nation /React

An aspiring Hardstyle DJ/Producer based in Chicago with over ten years of experience under his belt. With an international track release, numerous CD releases, several club residencies, as well as guest appearances on Dance Radio, along with countless performances at massive events, raves and festivals, has made him known throughout the world. Xposur is branded for his unique blend of the Hard Dance sounds of Hardstyle, Jump, French Tek, Hard House, and Dubstyle.
Are You Ready to get Xposed?

Hotsauce Terre Haute, IN (Electro House) Spoololife.info

From Miami to Detroit, the past 14 years has seen Hotsauce billed alongside EDM fixtures as DJ Shortee, DJ Venom, UFO, DJ FUNK, Paul Anthony, Terry Mullin, and Jason Tyler to name a few, Hotsauce is a premier choice for House and Techno lovers. From global festivals such as Wnter Music Conference… to underground massives like Pilgrims & Indians, Hotsauce is a well seasoned floorshaker. Droppin’ beats for over 10 years on the 1s and 2s, producing fresh choons, and assisting in event production and promotion are comonplace in his everyday life. Catch his guest appearance in Jason Tyler’s “Run Around” Music Video Feat. Sam I Am.

Turtle Matt Muncie, IN (House, Breaks) Turtle Productions, Spoololife.info

One of the regions rising stars, this Indiana USA DJ has gained regional notoriety in a seemingly short time. Submerged in EDM before the turn of the millennium, Turtlematt’s foundation in EDM was inspired from the dancefloor up.

Turtlematt began assembling mid-scale events in 2002, established “Turtle Productions” in 2005, and found himself playing at events in 2007.

Sharing the stage with such EDM fixtures as Paul Johnson, Stacy Kidd, DJ Micro, DJ Shortee, DJ Venom, and Angel Alanis to name a few, Turtlematt has attracted a dedicated following throughout the region.

Joining the Spoololife promotion team in 2005, Turtlematt has learned from aspiring developers, coordinators, producers, performers, and engineers, earning his place as Spoololife event coordinator in 2007.

Turtlematt programs innovative sessions of house and breaks seasoned with his refreshing stage presence and a static connection to the dancefloor.

Smasher Cincinnati, OH (Dubstyle)

Dom Allen Ft.Wayne, IN (Techno)

Swagger Machine Indianapolis, IN (Dubstep) Juxtapoze

Powerstrip Generation Bloomington, IN (Glitch Hop, Dub, Breakcore) Firehazards

Nonsense Greenfield, IN  (Drum n Bass) PhD Productions

Kidd Genesis Muncie, IN (UK Hardcore/Minimal Techno)

SPONSORS :: Cousin Vinny’s Pizza :: JamesSwickheimer.info


$10 Presales/$15 at the Gate. Or Buy online

420 Underground: 420 N. Martin St. Muncie, IN 47303

Wishbone: 201 S. Walnut St. Muncie, IN 47305

Indy CD & Vinyl: 806 Broad Ripple Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220

Baked of Bloomington: 313 E. 3rd St. Bloomington, IN 47401

Wooden Nickel: 3627 N. Clinton St. Ft. Wayne, IN 46805
3422 N. Anthony Blvd. Ft. Wayne, IN 46805
6427 W. Jefferson Blvd. Ft.Wayne, IN 46804$10

Acoustics inbetween sets (Mikial Robertson, Megan Maudlin)
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