5 Awesome EDM Clubs In The United States

There’s nothing that quite tops a live EDM show at the perfect club. The music can be good anywhere, but it is really designed for crowded venues, neon lights, and high volume. Under the right circumstances, a given set or performance can be just about unforgettable. Because of this, we are writing up a brief list of some of the best EDM clubs in the United States (though these are only five of many that could have been chosen).

1. Avalon Hollywood – Hollywood, CA

Located in Hollywood, Avalon is definitely a unique EDM club and is home to a fascinating history. It has been open for over 90 years and once even hosted a performance by the Beatles. Nowadays, however, it’s what could accurately be called a classy EDM establishment. It’s the only club in Los Angeles to have a 24-hour license (which means the party never stops), and the venue has both scheduled DJ events and a sound system that is the envy of every other club in Hollywood. The general attitude isn’t quite as wild as at some other EDM establishments, but the quality of the place is undeniable.

2. Cielo Club- New York, NY

Cielo Club is awesome because it’s the rare famous New York club to focus almost exclusively on music.

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