Federal Communications Commission Repeals Net Neutrality

Goodbye Net Neutrality

On December 14, the Federal Communications Commission voted to reverse the 2015 Open Internet Order, dismantling all Net Neutrality regulations. Internet operators will no longer be prohibited from blocking or throttling content. Nor will they be prohibited from splitting the network into paid ‘high-speed classes’, where content providers can access consumers more quickly.

Such a vote will negatively affect schools’ access to the Internet throughout the country, and the public’s personal data is at risk now that the protection of Net Neutrality is eliminated. Users can also expect to pay more money for the same access to entertainment, music and online services. Network companies, as well as Internet Service Providers (ISP), have the freedom to create multi-level plans where access to social networking sites and music services such as YouTube require an additional fee.

Fighting Back

The societal pushback towards the FCC has been inspiring. The support for an open internet reflects our continued commitment to a legitimate digital music market where artists and fans have access to desired music. Net Neutrality allowed people to access any website knowing that an ISP would not interfere with their website-browsing habits nor create a profile of their online activities.

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