Gabriel & Dresden Exclusive Interview

Gabriel & Dresden

Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden, the duo-team of Trance, Techno, and House released their most recent album, “The Only Road”, on December 15. After years of adversity and growth, the two DJs gifted their fans with a 12-track project. As the two describe, the name of the album is based on the fact that they are back on the only road that keeps them true to themselves. The music Gabriel & Dresden enjoy to produce and share with others is the only type of music on “The Only Road”.

Gabriel & Dresden Interview

OneEDM was lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden, who talk about their latest album as well as inspirations for their music.

Where does “The Only Road” come from?

Josh Gabriel:  It has gotten twisted around. At the heart of it, it is really just a play on the words “home is where the heart lies”. We have been working and working, doing what we are doing for a long time. Even through the rough periods when it felt like the music industry seemed it was becoming different forever. Trying to stay true to ourselves.

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