Kaskade Launches Kickstarter For School In Brazil

A Greater Cause

American DJ/producer Kaskade spreads blessings and cheers for the holiday season with new music and more. Already have given his fans the gift of a Christmas album, Kaskade uses his international brand to support a greater cause. The DJ created a Kickstarter to help fund Project Favela, a free children’s school in Brazil that is caught in the crossfires of cartel violence and in need of major saving. Even Santa and his elves could not deliver such a Christmas miracle.


Recently, Kaskade created a Kickstarter to help fund Project Favela, “an organization that uses education as a tool in hopes of creating opportunities that could change the lives of others within the communities of Rio de Janeiro”. Everyday Project Favela has almost 60 children come through their doors.

The schools offer a variety of educational courses: drama, music, civics, and a STEAM Academy (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) program. The students also attend the school free of charge. In the evenings, they run a girl empowerment course and adult English classes.

Currently, the school is at risk of closing due to ongoing cartel violence in Brazil.

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