AJ Salvatore turns Paris & Simo’s “Fire Away” into a raging bass house tunePress Photo 2 Square

Twenty-two-year-old Orlando-based artist, AJ Salvatore, has been dabbling in music for most of his whole life. From learning piano, guitar, bass and songwriting, he realized his love for music early on, leading to a transition into production and electronic music. His tracks have been seen everywhere from the US Viral 50 on Spotify, to Sony’s RED Music and even on stages such as EDC Orlando.

Now, he’s released a remix for producer duo Paris & Simo that strays a bit from his more pop-leaning original productions, but is consistent with his other remixes and performances. Salvatore takes the once tropical-influenced dance hit and turns it on its head, as he perfectly intertwines Steve Reece‘s sexy topline with aggressive bass and creative vocal chops to build an energetic bass house tune.

“I couldn’t resist going back to my old roots on this lighthearted pop tune and had it flipped into a hard-hitting bass track within hours,” the producer says of his remix.

Source: dancingastronaut.com

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