DJ Koze brings the funk in fresh new take on Gorillaz’ ‘Humility’Gorillaz With Ace

DJ Koze‘s reemergence from secluded island life yielded one of the most danceable albums of the year thus far.

Knock Knock flows seamlessly. Like a DJ set, the album’s a resounding collection of enigmatic stylings. Hip-hop reigns, vocalists are victorious, and energy’s at new heights, but what’s perhaps most interesting about Koze’s newest work is its integration of different forms. It’s a snapshot of contemporary dance’s coming and goings, so it makes sense then that DJ Koze would take on remixing fellow curators of past and present innovation, Gorillaz.

Koze has reworked one of the digital band’s most recent highlights from their newly released LP, The Now Now, taking on the dreamy “Humility,” offering an immensely laid back take on the record which humbly calls for it to be put on endless rotation. Giving Gorillaz’ “Humility” a placatingly psychedelic spin, Koze proves to be a complementary match to Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s synth-pop stylings.


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