FANGS will keep the listener dancing with new release ‘This Is How We Do It’FANGS This Is How We Do It Final 1

FANGS has turned 90’s soulful classic “This is How We Do it” into an upbeat future house release, which is out now on his own label, L’America Music. 

He gets to work in pitching down the vocals and adapting them into a more modern soundscape and replacing the original’s familiar, nostalgic synths with ones built for today’s festival setting. The track takes a surprising turn with the drop, which falls into an intense future house beat that is manufactured to lift the energy in a room during live performance. Does it live up to the original? Not really, but it certainly is a fun listen.

FANGS recently unveiled that he is actually Brass Knuckles alumn Danny D’Brito, which explains why for a seemingly ‘new’ producer on the scene, his productions are nothing short of impressive.