Good Morning Mix: Guy J eases us awake with smooth progressiveGuy J July Mi

A fresh Guy J mix is never one to skip over; each one is always stuffed to the brim with an array of fresh music and unreleased gems. Four months after his Spring mix in March, the progressive juggernaut is back at it again with an hour of sparkling melodies and lush percussion.

The “End Of Lost Cause” mix opens with a stirring ambient cut by Vittoria Fleet, which begins the emotive journey on a nostalgic, earthy note before chugging smoothly into some unreleased remixes of his Lost&Found colleague Chicola — courtesy of Johannes Brecht and Karmon. Soon, we’re taking on a journey through driving, hypnotic percussion, moving forward into a series of mysterious cuts put forth by other labelmates and of course, Mr. Guy J himself. His mix ends with its title track, dousing the mind with a bucket of sentimentality before gently coming to an end.

Enjoy the morning on a truly progressive note.



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