MADE Festival to provide free on-site drug testing and counselingDreams Main Photo

MADE Festival will offer its attendees free on-site drug testing and counseling in an effort to prevent drug related deaths at its 2018 edition, slated for Saturday, July 28 at Perry Park. MADE will partner with non-profit community interest company and drug safety group, The Loop, to provide the testing and counseling.

The Loop was previously present at Parklife Festival, and The Warehouse Project, where the harm reduction organization also provided on-site testing at no charge.

“The Loop will be delivering our drug safety service  at over ten festivals across the UK this summer so we have a growing understanding of what is circulating in the illegal drug market, what is mis-sold, and what the risks might be,” said The Loop’s director, Fiona Measham. “It’s vitally important that we test in the Midlands and collect test data to inform not just festival-goers but also on-site and off site emergency services so everyone knows what is in circulation,” Measham added.

The Loop will encourage MADE attendees to submit small samples of any illicit drugs in their possession for compositional analysis. Those who take advantage of the testing will receive their test results confidentially, and will not be penalized for possession of the substances.

H/T: Birmingham Live


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