CRVE U and Dave Edwards effect buoyant electronic bliss on ‘Blurry Nights’ remixBlurry Nights Final Cover

Electronic entities to reckon with, CRVE U and Dave Edwards come together to place a collaborative spin on Thutmose’s “Blurry Nights.” CRVE U and Edwards give “Blurry Nights” a melodic rinse, to lend Thutmose’s hip-hop leaning original a laidback, tropically inflected appeal. The instrumental amalgamation of marimbas, a brass ensemble, drums, and flute underscore CRVE U and Edwards’ shared acute ear for complementary sonic combinations.

The producers lay Thutmose’s half-sung half-rapped verses atop this buoyant instrumental bed. CRVE U and Edwards’ remix is a fluidly unraveling showing that embodies the sunny sonic personality of a summer playlist staple. Although CRVE U and Edwards’ singular production styles typically diverge, their “Blurry Nights” take evinces their potential for precise artistic synchronicity when in the studio together.