DA Exclusive: ANDHIM spin an hour of cinematic soundscapes before heading to Barbados for VujadayAndhim Vujaday 2019 1

Germans are nothing if not ardent about their electronic music; and Cologne’s ANDHIM are no exception to the rule. Their vastly fluid emotional palette has led the duo to dub their ever-oscillating sound “super-house.” Just a few years ago, the two artists cemented their multi-national success by establishing their own record label, the aptly named Superfriends, through which they released their own, impeccably received Tosch EP as the imprint’s first offering.

Before taking their talents this spring to the lush island of Barbados for Vujaday Festival at the top of next month, ANDHIM have woven listeners a mix adorned with an hour of getaway-friendly selects; though they’re hardly your run-of-the-mill, tropical tracks. ANDHIM assume their rightful role as tour guide through playful techno terrain, brooding experimental brush, and even sinister sonic corridors for a rich, evocative hour of anticipatory Vujaday listening. There’s certainly nothing to dread about this pre-fest homework assignment.

Vujaday will land in Barbados for five days, April 3-7, of multi-site performances and island-immersive activities. Tickets and additional festival information can be found here.

Source: dancingastronaut.com