Exclusive: Nora En Pure breathes her piano-driven prowess into Eelke Kleijn’s ‘Lost Souls’NEP 4

South African-Swiss queen of melodic/deep house, Nora En Pure has materialized on the auspicious Armada landscape with another transcendent dancefloor delivery in hand. Over the years, En Pure has raked in accolades for both her DJ and production prowess , as well as ample acclaim for her radio show, Purified. Though she’s demonstrated affinity for both club-conscious and sweeter, melodic stylings, it’s in the piano-driven endeavors where En Pure shines with the most invariable splendor.

Arriving a day early exclusively through Dancing Astronaut, the iridescent Armada affront takes shape in a remix of Eelke Kleijn‘s “Lost Souls,” featuring Ost. En Pure elevates the original’s subtle piano musings and drapes them across the remix’s forefront. The vapory house offering solidifies another celestial notch in En Pure’s prolific sonic catalog.

Source: dancingastronaut.com