Good Morning Mix: Floating Points, Daphni, Ben UFO and Jamie xx join forces on NTS RadioFloating Points Credit Amy Lombard

It’s only natural that DJs spend time with other DJs. Common interests are one of the surest avenues to friendships. So when DJ friends come together to celebrate something exciting like the release of a new album, it’s only natural that they spin some records.

In this specific case, the album that was released is Floating Points‘ new alternative electronic odyssey, Crush, and his friends who joined him to spin are Jamie xx, Ben UFO, and Daphni.

All four of these artists have a widely catalogued public history. The number of times they’ve shared the stage or the booth is quite extensive, and while spectators of their sets are separate from their personal chemistry, their sonic chemistry is the stuff of legends. This quartet is bound by an affinity for the unusual and unconventional. Their sets can’t be defined by genre. Only by feeling and mood.

Together they united on NTS radio, where each of them have spun time and time again to honor Crush with three hours of tunes that will have listeners hitting Shazam after every single track.

Photo credit: Amy Lombard