Hudson Mohawke and Lunice have hit the drawing board together once again, tease imminent TNGHT reunionTnght

In a year jam-packed with reunions and comebacks, each with their own varying degrees of success so far, one lengthy hiatus seems to continue to garner people’s eyes, ears, and hopes more than anyone else—TNGHT. The former trap duo, comprised of Hudson Mohawke and Lunice, went radio silent with an indefinite split in 2013 and since then, people have voraciously awaited their return without the promise that a comeback would ever even be considered. Still, the masses clung to hope with nothing more than intermittent social media posts from the group’s defunct channels…for years.

Now, Hudson Mohawke seems to have ended all speculation, hinting that TNGHT has once again hit the drawing board together by giving fans a literal look at the drawing board. On the surface the image doesn’t reveal much, but just the act of featuring TNGHT imagery in a social media post is telling enough. Moreover, the group’s barely active Twitter account has shown more activity lately, further suggesting a ramp up is underway. It has been a minute since trap’s dominant heyday—leave it to Lunice and HudMo to fix all of that.

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A post shared by Hudson Mohawke (@hudmo) on Jun 12, 2019 at 9:40am PDT


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