Luca Lush, YehMe2, Manic Focus, and more amplify PLS&TY originals on ‘Run Wild/Feeling Forever (The Remixes)’PLSTY 2018 Portrait 1

Flaunting an organic, instrumentally eclectic makeup, PLS&TY‘s two-track EP, Run Wild/Feeling Forever, tapped into a fluidly developing sonic freshness that swiftly set the production apart from fellow releases in the electronic circle. With ebbing vocals of a hypnotic caliber and metallic textures to offset the silk of these looping vocals, “Run Wild” touts elements that lend the track well to re-imaginative endeavors. Luca Lush, former Flosstradamus constituent, YehMe2, Manic Focus, and Ducky accordingly submit their remixes of the PLS&TY original on Run Wild/Feeling Forever (The Remixes).

Luca Lush amplifies the record’s potency via his addition of striking pops of bass and an accelerated beat arrangement. Likewise never one to shy from the integration of bass, YehMe2 offers a gritty, low-end heavy take on the lucid track. Manic Focus’s rendition surfaces as a comparatively more muted reprieve from the intensity that Luca Lush and YehMe2 bring to speakers, while Ducky ups the ante with another high octane flip.

PLS&TY’s “Feeling Forever” is also the recipient of two revamps, courtesy of Vindata and Bondax. Vindata’s is a glitchy, beat oriented rework that preserves much of PLS&TY’s original. Bondax’s is an ambient showing that newly engages piano chords, to add another instrumental layer to PLS&TY’s already mellifluous effort.