Stream Elderbrook’s selects: Artist prepares playlist ahead of Coachella performanceCoachella 2019 Artist Playlist Elderbrook

Elderbrook has practiced the art of electronic captivation with each of his successive releases since his collaboration with CamelPhat on 2017’s inescapable “Cola.” The Defected Records release epitomized the tantalizing sonic drama characteristic of dark house music, the very kind that would prove—and in “Cola’s” case, did prove—an arresting set inclusion in underground clubs and commercial venues alike. The mainstream resonance of “Cola” can be attributed, in part, to the distinctive, fresh sound that defines Elderbrook’s productions.

Elderbrook’s musical background encompasses a variety of genres, like indie and hip-hop, and as is audible in Elderbrook’s efforts, the producer’s diverse musical knowledge permeates Elderbrook’s production style, to yield an aesthetic that is electronically leaning, with multi-genre inflection. “The vocals and vocal melodies [that I craft] are definitely more down the indie route,” Elderbook said in an interview with Dancing Astronaut following the release of his 2018 EP, Old Friend.

The EP’s namesake cut, “Old Friend,” serves as an example: the buoyant number intermingles the indie element of Elderbrook’s artistic identity with the track’s house orientation. The upbeat hypnotism of “Old Friend” ushers Elderbrook listeners into the 10-track experience that the artist has prepared for Dancing Astronaut, ahead of his performance at Coachella 2019. Elderbrook will deliver his set from Coachella’s celebrated Do LaB stage, now in its 15th year of stage curation at the California festival.

Elderbrook’s pre-Coachella playlist features originals from a range of artists, like Bonobo, Childish Gambino, DJ Koze, Bob Moses, and more. “This is a playlist of songs to give you guys a glimpse into the music I am into and loving,” Elderbrook told Dancing Astronaut

View Do LaB’s 2019 Coachella lineup in full, here. Do LaB’s presence at Coachella precedes Do LaB’s involvement with fellow California festival, Lightning in a Bottle. Lightning in a Bottle will take place from May 8-13 at Buena Vista Lake in Kern County. Learn more about Lightning in a Bottle’s 2019 iteration, here.