The Chainsmokers release sultry new single from third studio album, ‘Push My Luck’The Chainsmokers Credit Rukes

The Chainsmokers have released a sultry new addition to their third studio album, World War Joy. The track is titled “Push My Luck” and it is the sixth single off of the 10-track compilation. World War Joy will be The Chainsmoker’s third studio album, and it serves as a continuation of their steady output of music since debut album Memories…Do Not Open in 2017.

“Push My Luck” leans on Drew Taggart‘s vocals, and light instrumentals carry a majority of the track. A simple yet catchy synth note progression creates a delicate drop that doesn’t detract from the sense of calm the track instills.

The release falls on the pop-leaning side of the production spectrum from Pall and Taggart. A release date has not been confirmed for World War Joy, but the album is set to be released in full in 2019. This means the duo have a month-and-a-half before the remaining four releases should be out.

Photo credit: Rukes