Virtual Riot lays down a beautiful cover of Skrillex’s ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ [Watch]Virtual RiotFacebook

Over the years, bass king Virtual Riot has shown his versatility in both music production—having dabbled in most sub-genres—and a penchant for sound design, but he recently put on a display of talent which unveiled a completely different artistic side from his signature brutal dubstep and proved his artistic talent transcends just EDM. Fellow bass producer ill.Gates captured the Disciple alumni playing a stripped-down piano rendition of Skrillex‘s seminal “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” during a studio session break.

Virtual Riot and Skrillex have previously collaborated together, co-producing Poo Bear‘s track “Perdido” featuring J Balvin from Poo Bear Presents: Bearthday Music. The two also teamed up on a thundering remix of Skrillex’s Kingdom Hearts track with Utada Hikaru, “Face My Fears.” Skrillex dropped the unreleased remix during his Ultra Singapore set in June of this year. Watch Virtual Riot lay down chords in his acoustic cover below.

Photo credit: Virtual Riot/Facebook