WHIPPED CREAM shows her dark side with new single, ‘You Wanted It’WHIPPED CREAM 2

Vancouver Island-based producer WHIPPED CREAM displays her flair for the dark side with her newest single, “You Wanted It.” Inspired by her personal life, the track is ominous yet energizing, and it’s the perfect representation of WHIPPED CREAM’s hard-hitting style.

The track itself features cinematic soundscapes and her own vocals. The build is nothing short of soul-grabbing with heavy bass notes coupled with intense staccato chanting that envelop the listener. The producer spoke about her motivation behind creating the track in an official release, stating, “‘You Wanted It’ is about the memory of someone who is toxic still lingering in my mind. It’s a song to myself. I wanted it…but not anymore.”

“You Wanted It” is the beginning of a big year for the producer, and it’s out now via Mad Decent.

Photo credit: Big Beat

Source: dancingastronaut.com