ATLiens & Blanke – ContactCover ATLiens Blanke Contact

Bass music continues to shake the foundations of the EDM zeitgeist as the genre asserts its undeniable influence over the entire scene. At the forefront of the accelerating domination of bass music are the ATliens and Blanke, two anonymous bass mavens and a young gun producer whose pedigree includes collaborations with Rezz and Marshmello. The masked duo and Aussie up-and-comer join forces for “Contact.” The track opens with a powerful and cinematic build that quickly turns into a bass heavy onslaught at forty seconds and refuses to tone it down for the nearly four minute run time. The trio have dreamed up an industrial march of venomous saws that are punctuated by bright, yet ominous melodies. One thing’s for certain — “Contact” is what the soundtrack to an alien invasion would sound like.


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