Salvatore Ganacci releases hilarious new OWSLA music videoSalvatore Ganacci

You might know Salvatore Ganacci from his creative and infectious dance moves behind the decks, most notably at Tomorrowland. The Swedish producer released an equally funny music video for his new single, “Horse,” released off Skrillex‘s OWLSA label.

The visuals for “Horse” continue off the enigmatic DJ’s performance energy with the animal-whispering Salvatore rushing to save his friends from the abrasive humans.

The song is a tribute to raving in the ’90s with the throbbing kick and riding high hat. Going back to Ganacci’s youth was vital for capturing his one-of-a-kind persona, which also included hiring his childhood friend as the director, who runs the production company Business Club Royale.

This May, Ganacci’s will make his EDC Las Vegas debut along with a hefty tour schedule in Europe this summer. He also recently released the high-energy bass house track “Cake” with Megatone off Big Beat’s Ignition Compilation series.

Photo credit: Rukes


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