Seven Lions and Crystal Skies coalesce on ‘Sojourn’636132311417960229 1247347347 Jeff

Seven Lions‘ most recent release recruits Crystal Skies for a collaboration that has long been a staple of Seven Lions’ live sets: “Sojourn.” The melodic joint product is out now via Seven Lions’ own imprint, Ophelia Records, which has previously hosted several Crystal Skies productions in the past, like “Carbon” and “Never Change.” Streaming the track proves an experiential endeavor for the listener, as Seven Lions and Crystal Skies guide the listener through a lush cacophony of high energy synths, which comprise the single’s opening.

The bed of synths mounts with upbeat optimism, to develop into a spirited drop that unexpectedly plunges deeper, to permit growling dubstep to enter the musical picture. Dubstep, however, is not the sole subgenre that Seven Lions and Crystal Skies engage in “Sojourn.” The sonic progression of “Sojourn” takes a psytrance turn before gently fading out, in what is a blissfully soft landing for the animated showing.

Photo Credit: Rukes


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