Sultan + Shepard link with Showtek for the dance floor destined ‘We Found Love’059A0914

The musical roots of Sultan + Shepard and Showtek‘s newest sonic venture trace back to 1991, the year that Heavy D & The Boyz dropped their now iconic single, “Now That We Found Love.” The decidedly sing-a-long friendly original receives a modern update, courtesy of Sultan + Shepard and Showtek, who connect on “We Found Love,” to refurbish the groove of Heavy D & The Boyz’s 90’s classic.

Sultan + Shepard and Showtek preserve the distinguishing vocal hook of the original production, and brighten the track with an upbeat chord progression that tonally lifts the tune, to guide the modern take towards its builds. Piano chords eventually filter in, to mark yet another point of alteration audible in Sultan + Shepard and Showtek’s effort. “We Found Love’s” multiple drops imbue the single with a free spirited sense of fun: the descents are spunky and deep seated, certainly not soon to be forgotten by the listeners who allow Sultan + Shepard and Showtek’s collaboration made in homage to the 1991 release to infiltrate their speakers. “We Found Love” will appear on the track listing of Sultan + Shepard’s forthcoming debut album.

Photo Credit: New City Gas


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