Watch Cirez D’s two-hour Coachella set, live from the festival’s Yuma stageEric Prydz Cochella

Eric Prydz took his Cirez D alias to Coachella this year for both weekends, serenading techno fanatics and listeners alike at the YUMA stage. The Swedish producer who rose to fame in 2004 with his hit single, “Call on Me,” has distanced himself from the mainstream, forging his own path through the wired forest of stage production with holograms and his new forward thinking live concept, VOID.

Prydz’ Cirez D alias takes Prydz’ talents underground, to cater to his–and fans’–techno cravings. He also plays almost exclusively his own music, which is an accomplishment in itself, given the two-hour length of his recent public performance at Coachella’s second weekend. The only song not by Cirez D is Thomas Schumacher‘s “Golden Hour.”

Photo Credit: Loren Wohl


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