Watch Dillon Francis get ripped for Coachella in new videoDnpJI4UUwAEkTne

In the days leading up to his Coachella performance, it appears Dillon Francis wasn’t just working on his set. He contacted Jeff Wittek of Vine fame with a request: to get jacked in seven days.

Over the course of the next week, Wittek and Francis worked together to get Francis the body he’s always dreamed of. A video on Wittek’s channel documents the venture, showing Francis doing push ups with a scorpion under him, hiking, and attempting 50 burpees.

“I plan on taking [Francis’] laptop, ’cause I know DJs need that to ‘play their music,’” Wittek says in the video as he runs off with his laptop. “If he doesn’t’ stick to the plan, he won’t be able to perform at Coachella.”

Watch the ensuing hilarity below.

Photo credit: Rukes


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