SVDDEN DEATH plots VOYD performance at famed experiential venue The CavernsTheCaverns Pelham Grundy

There’s something to be said about seeing a show in a special venue. It’s what makes events like FORM Arcosanti, Friendship, Your Paradise, and others some of the most sought-after boutique events of the year. Now, the Caverns in Pelham, Tennessee, will be the next unique site to host an electronic show, welcoming SVDDEN DEATH for one of his coveted VOYD performances on March 6. For the uninitiated, picture Colorado’s famed Red Rocks Amphitheater…deep underground.

SVDDEN DEATH’s upcoming VOYD show will be the first electronic event to ever take place at the Caverns. The performance only features the bass afficionado’s reserved live catalog, set to a tightly curated audio/visual experience, and this time, the whole event will take on an additional otherworldly quality with bassheads descending into a prehistoric underground cave to enter the VOYD. Tickets to SVDDEN DEATH’s upcoming VOYD performance at the Caverns are available here.