Spoololife Digital keeps its eyes on the dancefloor, and an ear on the bassbin to bring you the latest buzz from the Spoololife CREW, and the global EDM movement.

Electronic Dance Music is at the heart of rave culture, but translating the rhythms of the cosmos and delivering them to EDM fanatics-at-large requires the artful application of an ever-growing set of skills.  Our digital team, Spoololife Digital, strives to maintain the presence of Spoololife and EDM to that end.
Photographers Vixen Swift and Tien on assignment at Paxahau's Movement Detroit 2013.
Photography, cinematography, graphics design, web development, cloud computing, analytics, optimization, e-commerce, messaging strategies, distribution methodologies, and skills of this nature coalesce to accelerate the delivery of fantastic EDM production to hearts and souls the world over.
Spoololife Digital is an agile team of professionals, each engrossed in EDM since the genre’s formative years in the underground rave scene.  Behind each photo, video, or line of code rendered by our team resides a passionate connection to electronic dance music and culture.
Digital Director Jimmi Journey backstage on Mark Flash photo shoot, early at Paxahau''s Movement Detroit 2011.
Spoololife Digital has maintained the Spoololife web presence since before the turn of the millennium, including the identity of Spoololife and its raves, design and production of its rave flyers, the capture of photos and video, content creation and aggregation of global EDM news, and the fostering of our social media network.
On Twitter, @Spoololife harbors over 11k followers, and Spoololife founder and owner @JimmiJourney garners over 5k followers, both managed by our digital team.  The digital team also manages Spoololife TV and Spoololife Radio Twitter accounts for a combined following of nearly 3k followers, and also our flagship events PNI and RAVESTRONG for a combined total of over 3.5k followers. En masse, the Spoololife social networking footprint on Twitter exceeds 20k followers—and still growing.
While we reach the dancefloor on social media, we reach the EDM industry through the inbox. Throughout its decades of operation in the role of underground rave promoter, Spoololife has amassed an EDM industry email database containing 10,000 of the world’s superstar DJs, record labels, venues, and promoters.

With over 1 million listeners since its launch in 2010, Spoololife Radio owes the provisioning and administration of its streaming radio servers to our digital team, alongside the Spoololife TV broadcast television studio.

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While serving the need of native Spoololife operation, Spoololife Digital covers some of the world’s most notorious electronic dance music events.  In 2011, Spoololife Digital was invited backstage to capture the grand opening of the TAO Beach Beatport Sundays on the rooftop of the fabulous Venetian Hotel & Casino where we met with EDM superstars ATB and Robbie Rivera.  Later that year, it found itself backstage capturing the beauty of EDM culture at Paxahau’s MOVEMENT Detroit, and returned to MOVEMENT again in 2013 for an encore.