Cory James

DJ Cory James started his career in 1997, was billed along side EDM legends such as Paul Johnson since 2003, and added Serato to his regimen of DNB and truntablism in 2006. Now resident of Bartini’s Indianapolis, Corey James has rocked most popular Indianapolis clubs such as Sensu, Tiki Bobs, Blu, and Subterra. Moreover, he’s [...]


One of the regions rising stars, this Indiana USA DJ has gained regional notoriety in a seemingly short time. Submerged in EDM before the turn of the millennium, Turtlematt’s foundation in EDM was inspired from the dancefloor up.
Turtlematt began assembling mid-scale events in 2002, established “Turtle Productions” in 2005, and found himself playing at [...]

Sean Mason

Accomplished DJ, Percussionist, and Promoter… Sean Mason goes the distance for music. Mason developed an intimate connection with the drums, which extended to the vibraphone and other percussion instruments.
Sean Mason Bookings

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Raphael Kroshay

Deep into the rhythm of life, Spoololife DJ Raphael Kroshay has developed a firm history of introducing EDM fans to the beats of different drums. This Rochester, NY born DJ was musically influenced at a young age.
Beginning with the Clarinet in the 4th grade, Raphael became [...]


Potential is best realized when paired with ambition… prooven by the talented junglist Pixie.
More than 7 years DJing, and 20+ years studying and performing music has shaped the Junglist Pixie experience.
Pixie became a classical violinist at the age of seven… and concertmaster for a local youth symphony orchestra [...]