House Arrest 2011.5.14

We invite you to The Verve Night Club, 677 Wabash Avenue Terre Haute, IN for an evening of Electronic Dance Music featuring Shaun C. & Double J (Fort Wayne, IN) PLUS The Dirty Haute Underground Residents Bucky Alan, Deek, and John Thomas!
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DJs And Jam Bands Unite FOR THE WIN

Whoever seriously supports music either attending, promoting, performing, or just rocking out in their car is a Winner in life!! Music gives us the freedom to express who we are, and is centered around the environment we choose to be in. FOR THE WIN , because everybody is a WINNER on the DANCEFLOOR! See it [...]

Phenomenon 2011.04.16

Don’t miss this Little 500 Soiree!
Every year about this time thousands flock to Bloomington Indiana to experience the excitement that makes Little 500 a premier destination for anyone looking to party til the break of dawn on Indiana’s wildest campus.
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…For those who don’t already know, little 5 weekend is a [...]

Turtle Tour 2011

Behold the audacity of this central USA rising rave star named “King of the Midwest Underground” on Boost Radio, Turtlematt (bio appended)
Book the most flexible tour raving the nation, Shock 2DA Shell.

Turtlematt | Indiana, USA | Spoololife, Turtle Productions
One of the regions rising stars, this Indiana USA DJ has gained regional notoriety in a seemingly [...]

BLASTOFF!:MMX 2009.12.31

An Electronic Dance Music NEW YEAR SOIREE! 27 Distinct hours of EDM across 3 STAGES mixed live by 26 of your favorite nightlife heros on the WHEELS OF STEEL featuring Chicago’s house legends Stacy Kidd and DJ Slugo… plus Dub Step prodigy Vaski! BLASTOFF!:MMX … destination 2010!HOTEL: BEST WESTERN 5501 Coventry Ln. Fort [...]

Got Plur? 2010.06.12

more information tbaGroove RoomGroove room description here.
Cut Culprit / Electro House / Melodic Rec. / 00:00(60 min.)N/A
Coppertop / Industrial Hardcore / Vendetta Music / 01:00(60 min.)N/A
Digital Mizchief / N/A / n/A / 02:00(60 min.)N/a
Turtlematt / House / Breaks / Turtle Productions / Spoololife / 20:00(60 min.)One of the regions rising stars, this Indiana USA [...]

Random 2009.10.03

Don’t miss Indiana’s Premiere Underground Electronic Dance Music Party of the year!! Call info line day of party. Full Scale Production!! Main Flyer is posted,Full Lineup Inside!! 11hr party 7pm-6am!SkyboxIntimate nook twenty feet up, overlooking the “Arena”. We came to Lift You Up.
Jimmi Journey / Techno / House / Spoololife / 00:10(75 min.)His debut [...]

CAVETRONIC 2009.07.17-19

A collaborative effort by many of the central US promoters, coordinators, and DJs featuring DJ Micro, DJ Shortee, and many more. Enjoy primitive camping at the Shawnee Saltpetere Cave on this 3 day 2 night electronic dance music excursion.
MICRO (NYC ( ))Caffeine Recordings
DJ Micro is one of the US’s premiere dance music producer/DJ/remixers. With [...]

Confirmed 2009.06.13

A night to remember in Indianapolis Indiana @ Therapy Nightclub & Lounge, 11 of the craft’s notorious electronic dance music DJs UNITE to move your body. Evening features sessions by DJ SHORTEE, Wilhelm K., DJ Shiva and MORE! for more 411!ArenaLights, Camera, BASS! Dual projection screens, proscenium DJ booth, and plenty of space to [...]

PNI λ 2008.11.22

Experience the magic that has made pni a fixture in the Central USA Electronic Dance Music scene since 2004! Live in “Real Time”, stay tuned for breaking event news and updates. Presales now available! Surfing a rift in time, beyond a vector sunrise, a small spherical craft [...]