DJs And Jam Bands Unite FOR THE WIN

Whoever seriously supports music either attending, promoting, performing, or just rocking out in their car is a Winner in life!! Music gives us the freedom to express who we are, and is centered around the environment we choose to be in. FOR THE WIN , because everybody is a WINNER on the DANCEFLOOR! See it [...]

MC Fleck

M.C. Fleck has been rocking the mic alongside Cory James since 2001. Originally from Lafayette, IN Fleck moved to Indy to start his music career w/ Cory James.
Cory and Fleck threw some of the best house parties Indy had to offer in 2001 and 2002. He has M.C.’d w/ A.K. 1200, Pendulum, Crescendo, Headknocka, [...]