Lady Foursquare

Acid House/ Electro/ House/ Italo Disco/ Tech House / Hushabye House/ Racecar Productions/ UFO Jeans / 01:30 (90 min.)

It can be said that the measure of an artist is their ability to instantaneously identify and differentiate themselves in one note, one brushstroke or even a single pirouette. They are, in a word… inimitable.
hat’s a tall order and a short list. But the Lady Foursquare is on a lot of short lists these days and one thing certain: she’s in no danger of being counterfeited.
It has been an interesting ride since the serendipitous private DEMF 2001 after-party, where she shared the decks and support of Paul Johnson, at a stage in her career where most people are still just rocking their bedroom. She took that early encouragement from Mr. Johnson to the airwaves with a nationally re-broadcast radio show.

“The Body Electric” was a proving ground where she would push boundaries and nurse the burgeoning aggressive technical flare, almost pentecostal energy and turntablist trickery that found her as the opener for Felix da Housecat, DJ Heather, DJ Scribble, Q-burns Abstract Message, John Larner, Funky Transport, Baby Anne, Reid Speed, Nigel RIchards and Honey Dijon.

But don’t think for a second that this “Louisville Slugger” is hitting like a girl. She has rocked tag sessions with Trevor Lamont and Kit Chaps of VHS or Beta (Astralwerks). The Dusttraxx event series, “Sweat”, came to her renowned southern sweatbox, the Hushabye House in Louisville with Harrison Crump in 2003. Foursquare is also busy supporting UFO Jeans.

While only 150 original copies of her now classic 2002 turntablist house CD, “Let Me Show You Love” were pressed, it remains heavily bootlegged, with 1000’s circulating, even turning up in one New Jersey retail store. Foursquare follows this release with 3 mixed CD’s “What Happened?,” a tour de force live set, that showcases the turntablism which has become her calling card (2004), “Cabin Fever,” an hour of straight technical mixing, highlighting her ear for musicality and programming (2003) and “Hollerback” (2005).

She spent 2005 touring in support of “Hollerback,” a true banger and cementing her reputation as one of the most exciting new faces in house music. Look for the Lady supporting her first vinyl release next year throughout the country from California, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, Indiana, and back at the Hushabye House.

DJ Nitro // House

Bad Liutenant // Live PA

TFA // House

AC Select // House

Negative // Progressive House

Arum // Progressive House

Crescendo // DnB

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