Vixen Swift

Vixen Swift has enjoyed spinning Drum N Bass since the turn of the millennium and has developed her own unique style over the years.  Though engrossed in her role as professional photographer and makeup artist, it's her connection to the Technics 1200s that have...

Sean Mason

Accomplished DJ, Percussionist, and Promoter Sean Mason goes the distance for music. Mason developed an intimate connection with the drums, which extended to the vibraphone and other percussion instruments.


Potential is best realized when paired with ambition… proven by the talented junglist Pixie. More than 7 years DJing, and 20+ years studying and performing music has shaped the Junglist Pixie experience. Pixie became a classical violinist at the age of seven… and concertmaster for a...

Raphael Kroshay

Deep into the rhythm of life, Spoololife DJ Raphael Kroshay has developed a firm history of introducing EDM fans to the beats of different drums. This Rochester, NY born DJ was musically influenced at a young age. Beginning with the Clarinet in the 4th grade,...
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