On the most subtle level, the slightest of intentions give rise to infinite possibilities. For example: Be this your first RAVE, consider how effortlessly our acquaintance has unfolded in just the past few seconds; Be this otherwise, consider this moment’s dependency on your first RAVE, and it’s function as a gateway to this very paragraph 😉

Perhaps, in it’s role as cosmic wormhole, this RAVE beckons the silent moment that precedes life-altering realizations. Such, that from infinite silence arises the revolution of electronic dance music from this groovy SPARK!


We welcome EVERYONE’S blissful vibes and colors to this midwest underground warehouse experience as we, together-as-one, enliven the universe with sensational Electronic Dance Music sessions by:

Mike Dearborn

Chicago, IL – Techno


Mike graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Communications-Media Studies degree in December of 1995, and returned to the Chicago area in the summer of 1996 starting two labels; Majesty Recordings and Majik Gruuv Records.

Mike’s interest in music took a turn when he began listening to a radio station called WBMX — no longer in existence–where he listened to the likes of Farley ‘JackMaster’ Funk, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, and Frankie Knuckles. This is when Mike’s interest in DJ’ing was SPARKED.

Soon after, Mike became interested in producing, he and his brother experimenting with a Roland TR-505 and Casio sampler. Mike began producing on a more serious note in 1988, and in mid 1989 he released his first 12’inch with a schoolmate named George titled “Make the Music” and “Uninhibited Desire” on the legendary Chicago Trax/Housetime label. In January of 1991, Mike teamed up with George again to release a three track EP released on Warehouse/Muzique Records.

Later signing with DJAX, Mike began to DJ throughout Europe including Germany’s biggest rave, MAYDAY 7 and again at MAYDAY 8, broadcast live on Viva–Germany’s MTV equivalent–and voted #8 in the top 10 international live performances of the year by FrontPage magazine–Germany’s leading dance magazine at the time.

Dearborn was captured in the critically acclaimed documentary film “Modulations”, and has remixed artists such as Gary Numan, Hardfloor, Joey Beltram, Robert Armani, Steve Stoll. Headlining events worldwide with DJ heavyweights such as Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Daft Punk, Dave Clark and Westbam, Mike has performed at many globally acclaimed spots such as Ministry of Sound in London, The Rex in Paris, Tresor Club in Berlin, Limelight, Sound Factory and Twilo in New York, Shelter and Karma in Chicago, and Industry in Toronto to name a few.


Indiana – Funky House – Preserving the Pitch


Focused on empowering, motivating, encouraging, and healing tribal rhythms, Serendipity takes you on an uplifting journey through her uncompromising, individual style of primarily house music. Sensing the mood of a crowd, she provides what’s needed–always leaving the audience satisfied. Positive music and funky rhythms that make you dance!

Don Whan

Detroit, MI — UK Hardcore/Freeform — Hardcore 313

A promoter with Detroit’s HARDCORE 313, Donald Whan puts SAFETY FIRST. As a DJ, his quick mixing, scratching, and high energy stage presence will have you bouncing through his whole set! Mr. Whan has been reppin’ the hardcore scene since 2005, billed alongside legendary EDM DJs at events in Detroit, Toronto, Indiana, Chicago, Ohio, Maryland, Texas, Salt lake city, Ottawa, and Quebec — including Canada’s World Electronic Music Festival.

That Guy

Indianapolis, IN – Breaks

Like many self-taught DJs, he learned the ropes through relentless practice at beat-matching and mixing wax. When the 90’s hit, That Guy embedded himself in the burgeoning rave scene and felt a renewed connection to music. An active member of the G9 Collective since 2009, That Guy’s distinct blend of hip hop and break beats make you want to dance.

Big Kyle

Indianapolis, IN – Electro House – Infinite Vibes Entertainment

Big Kyle has been BIG into the electronic dance music movement for over 10 years. Initially DJing house parties, he later expanded to play clubs and events at different venues across the Midwest. Expect a remix somewhere that blends the old-school with the new, producing his own mash-ups; you never know what Frankenstein of a track he may drop.


Indianapolis, IN – Drum n Bass – Turtle Productions, Spoololife

Submerged in raves before the turn of the millennium,Turtlematt’s foundation in EDM was inspired from the dancefloor up. He began assembling mid-scale events in 2003, established “Turtle Productions” in 2005, and found himself playing at events in 2007. Turtlematt, an Indianapolis native, programs innovative sessions of House, Breaks, or Drum and Bass, and is consistently rockin’ the Technics throughout the United States in Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Louisville, Nashville, Madison, St.louis, Austin, TX, West Virginia, Baltimore, and Kansas City.

INSPIRATIONAL Sound, Lights, and Lasers!
FREE Parking – PROFESSIONAL Security on site
LIVE Painting – TALENTED Fire Performers Encouraged
Food and Drink Concessions Available ($1 Water) – No Alcohol


$10 All Night – CALL TOLLFREE 00 + 1 + 866.317.YOGA day of for detailed directions
9-4AM / 18+ (Must Have Valid Photo I.D.)
(Active/Non-Active Veterans, Free Admission. Bring Valid Photo Military I.D.)

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