Liam Shachar

Liam Shachar

Liam Shachar | Progressive House / Trance | Perfecto / Ultra / Inner Logic / Spoololife

In 2004, DJ Paul Oakenfold selected him as the newest member of Perfecto Records– placing Liam in the company of other high caliber artists such as BT, Sandra Collins, Carl Cox, etc. With his 2007 IMP Records release entitled, “Perfect World”, Liam Shachar solidified his role as one of the world’s leading artists in the fields of progressive trance and progressive house production. The captivating rhythm of DJ Liam Shachar’s work has won him the attention of a world-wide audience. Liam has gained international acclaim and exposure having played stages in Europe, the Middle East, and North America. With a deep passion for music, Liam has experience in all aspects of the music industry. He spent his early years in Israel working as a radio jockey for an underground dance music program, a beginning that guided Liam to his work as a resident DJ for Tel Aviv Non Stop Radio. During this time, he also supported the dance division of IMP Records as an assistant A&R, becoming known for his innovative and insatiable taste for rhythmic dance music. With undeniable talent and larger than life aspirations, he began producing and remixing tracks and established a strong presence in the Israeli club scene by the mid nineties. Bringing with him influences from 1980’s dance music and Middle Eastern rhythms, Liam sought new inspiration by immigrating to his current residence in Miami, Florida. In Miami, Liam caught the attention of top DJ’s George Acosta, Armin Van Burren, Benny Benassi, Sasha, and John Digweed and acquired releases through record labels such as Grooveman Records, Teknology, Release Elements, Basswalk, and Wellwicked, to name a few. His unique and epic productions have been introduced to clubs around the world. Fans flocked to the TLV in Israel, the world-renowned Ultra Music Festival and the Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium to hear his latest creations. By the age of 31, he received acclaim for his library of work including recently remixed tracks for David Guetta (The World is Mine), Jan Johnston, and Paul Oakenfold that feature artists Britney Murphy, One Republic, and Mark Almond. Continuing his provocative and innovative work, Liam is currently compiling a new collection of songs for his second studio album. More 411 at
Liam Shachar – The Creation (Grooveman) 2000 US
Liam Shachar – Worlds Appart (Wellwicked) 2001 UK
Liam Shachar – Feelings (Teknology) 2002 US
Liam Shachar – Desert Storm (Basswalk) 2003 US
Liam Shachar – Senses (Release) 2003 Canada
Liam Shachar – The Session (Basswalk) 2003 US
Liam Shachar – Striking Force (Inner Logic) 2006 US
Liam Shachar feat. Joe Echo – The Waves (Inner Logic) 2007 US
Liam Shachar – Resonance (Inner Logic) 2007 US
Liam Shachar – Victoria (Inner Logic) 2007 US
Liam Shachar feat. Lex Southern – Calling Me (Inner Logic) 2008 US
Liam Shachar feat. Yoav Cohen – Middle Eastern Dreams (Inner Logic) 2008 US
Liam Shachar feat. Lex Southern – Reach Out (Inner Logic) 2008 US
Liam Shachar – Mushroom Therapy (Inner Logic) 2008 US
Liam Shachar feat. Kim – Dust (Inner Logic Records) 2008 US


Dopey Cap – Shadows On Mars [Liam Shachar Remix] Basswalk 2003 US
Ozgur Can – Irony [Liam Shachar Mix] Lost Language 2005 UK
Loverush UK ft. Marc Almond – Perfect Honey [Liam Shachar Mix] Perfecto 2005 UK
Perfecto Allstarz – The Club Theme [Liam Shachar Remix] Perfecto 2005 UK
Oakenfold feat Brittany Murphy – Faster Kill Pussycat [Liam Shachar Mix] Maverick 2006
David Guetta – The World Is Mine [Liam Shachar Mix] Ultra 2007 US
Ashbury & Haight – Goulash [Liam Shachar Remix] Basswalk 2007 US
Brittaney Starr – I Wanna F The DJ [Liam Shachar Mix] Sex Kitten Music 2007 US
Joe Echo (Leya) – On All My Sundays [Liam Shachar Mix] Perfecto 2008 US
Jeckyll and Hyde – Frozen Flame [Liam Shachar remix] Perfecto 2008 US
Oakenfold feat. Onerepublic – Not Over [Liam Shachar Mix] Perfecto 2008 UK
Jan Johnston – Sleeping Satellite (Liam Shachar Mix) Perfecto 2009 US
Jan Johnston – Obsession (Liam Shachar Mix) Perfecto Records 2009 US

Artist Albums

Liam Shachar – Perfect World (IMP Records) 2007

On compilations
DJ Stigma & Elusive – Surviving The Chills (Green Records) 2002 Norway
Filterheadz – Tribalicious (541 Records) 2004 Belgium
Paul Oakenfold Presents: Perfecto 001 (Perfecto Digital) 2008 US
Paul Oakenfold – Perfecto Vegas (Perfecto Records) 2009 US
Perfecto Presents: Kenneth Thomas (Perfecto Records) 2009 US

Future Releases

Liam Shachar feat. Rita Ritvin – Feels So Right (Inner Logic Records) US
Liam Shachar – Mystified EP (Inner Logic Records) US 

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