Sound, like many things in the universe, travels in waves. Just like light, it can be manipulated and transformed into what we call music. There are only so many people that can see this connection and present it to others. Liam Shachar is one of those people. His years of experience in the EDM industry is crucial to the knowledge and skill of his music, and has earned him a reputable place in the world of Trance and Progressive House.
The term EDM is fairly new; it is attributed to a movement that Liam Shachar has been perpetuating since his conception in the electronic dance music movement in the early 90s. Being from Israel, Liam was exposed to some of Tel Aviv’s most vibrant and energetic clubs in one of the world’s best-known cities for its nightlife. Since his first performance during his early teens, Liam’s talents have captured the attention of loyal fans and esteemed club-owners alike, encapsulating a fan base that has helped grow and transcend EDM.
Liam’s understanding of the dance music industry is attributed from his early years working for IMP Records, one of Israel’s biggest dance music labels at the time, and later on working for a dance music distributor and two Israeli radio stations—wherever music was taking place, Liam was never far off. The natural course of Liam’s progress led him to begin experimenting with music production in his late teens, going on to mix and record his own tracks, and eventually releasing his first single on Miami’s Grooveman Records. Because of his close proximity to music, Liam has always been on the cutting-edge of the electronic movement, his creativity transcending and progressing the dance genre with every one of his productions.

At the turn of the millennium, Liam was already present on the international stage; he had already released numerous singles on an array of labels from around the globe and was playing bigger and bigger clubs. As he branched out of his local scene, Liam experienced EDM outside of Israel, developing relationships with his audiences not only as a DJ, but as a creative artist as well. The combination of his profound understanding of electronic dance music, determination, and willingness to work hard led to the recognition of Liam’s music by some of the world’s leading acts, names such as Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Markus Schulz, and many others. With his incontestable style gaining popularity, Liam earned the opportunity to perform on some of the world’s largest electronic stages, from the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium to the world renown Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

After gaining exponential recognition from a multitude of crowds, Liam Shachar joined Perfecto Records. There, he remixed singles by Paul Oakenfold—tracks featuring artists such as Hollywood actress Britanny Murphy and One Republic—as well as some of the label’s other talents. His remix of Joe Echo’s “On All My Sundays” gained huge recognition by the EDM scene and was included on Paul’s album Perfecto Vegas. Widespread success of the remix led Liam to feature Echo on his single “The Waves,” which was later featured in Jonathan Lynn’s 2010 film Wild Target. At the same time, Liam also remixed David Guetta’s top-charting single “The World Is Mine” for Ultra Music, opening further opportunities in Liam’s musical career as a remix artist and gaining even more recognition from fans around the world.
After working with countless record labels in his early career, Liam Shachar began to seek complete creative control over his music, wanting to liberate his creativity further in the EDM culture. His search for independence led him to launch his own record label, Inner Logic Records; he soon began releasing his productions on his own terms, free of any outside influence. His debut album, Perfect World, was Liam’s first project released worldwide on his new label, and was distributed by IMP Records in Israel. Liam’s newfound creative freedom and record label proved to be the right path for his music when his Inner Logic releases made it to the Beatport Top 100 charts.
His hourlong mixshow Elevations is broadcasted by over 30 radio stations on four continents. Every week the show features a new set of the finest Trance and Progressive House music, with new and exclusive tracks from both well-known producers and up-and-coming artists alike. From the first week as a podcast, the show was featured on the main Podcast page of the official iTunes store and continues to gain momentum with each episode released.
Liam believes that all music should inspire two things: feeling and movement. Perception of music becomes a natural language to the senses. This is what electronic dance music is about—to communicate with dance and emotion. “Music is a way of communicating. When I perform onstage I engage in an intimate conversation with the crowd. The energy goes back and forth between us, with music as the language.”

Written by Mark Meneses

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