Diplo lays his own whistling spin on Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’ viral hit ‘Old Town Road’Lil Nas Diplo Billy Ray Cyrus Stagecoach Credit Matt Winkelmeyer

Something about “Old Town Road’s” viral nature made it seem like the perfect groundwork for a Diplo remix right from the get-go. A Diplo remix of the sweeping country crossover just seemed imminent, and now, following his closing performance at Stagecoach Music Festival, Diplo, or rather, Thomas Wesley (?), has finally delivered.

Juicing the remix drop for all it’s worth, Diplo even brought out Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus to perform the certified chart-topper live at Stagecoach. Considering he could have gone in any direction imaginable with his remix, Diplo’s spin on “Old Town Road” actually manages to breath new life into the track and build on its already viral appeal. The track hums and whistles with cinematic percussion arrangements carrying Billy Ray’s late-addition verse and of course the tune’s inescapable hook. Listen to Diplo’s rendition of “Old Town Road” below.

Featured Image: Matt Winkelmeyer

Source: dancingastronaut.com