Illenium and Jon Bellion deliver cosmic new visual for ‘Good Things Fall Apart’ [Watch]Illenium Live

In a refreshing change of pace, Illenium and Jon Bellion star in their music video for recent breakout single “Good Things Fall Apart.” The duo promoted the video in costume on Twitter earlier in the week, and the full video is out now.

The video begins with the world coming to an end, and the camera pans in on Illenium and Bellion standing within a ship that has catapulted them into the galaxy and away from the dying planet. Illenium showcases his guitar playing abilities juxtaposed with Bellion’s svocals as the flight takes a chaotic turn. The duo perform the song mid-flight in between action-packed vignettes of the ship’s crew attempting to regain order in the cockpit. The video ends with a heartfelt message, “To those who have the courage to change the course we are on.”

Both the track and the music video are out now via Astralwerks.