Lane 8 flips Virtual Self’s ‘Ghost Voices’ on its head with enamoring new remixLane 8 Crssd Fest

Fresh from the Grammys Red Carpet, Virtual Self has gifted fans with Lane 8‘s remix of “Ghost Voices.” More popularly known as Porter Robinson, the producer was this year nominated for the Best Dance Recording category as Virtual Self for his wall-to-wall sensation, “Ghost Voices.” Though he did not win, the track has still not only had a tremendous impact on the electronic sphere, but has also reverberated through the music industry at large.

Lane 8’s take on the release flips the track inside out, pulling the piano to the forefront and shrinking the electronic elements out of focus in the introduction. Crescendoing notes eb and flow through the forefront of the track, while the vocal dances around the new sound structure. While the remix evokes an entirely different, more pensive set of emotions and energy than the original, it still soothes and sonically pleases the listener. The remix has been released on Robinson’s own YouTube channel.

Photo Credit: Jason Siegel