Pop newcomer Maude Latour hands in infectious new single ‘Superfruit’MAUDE PRESS 2

If Maude Latour isn’t on your radar yet, that’s likely about to change. The 19-year-old New York-based up-and-comer is carving out a name for herself as a formidable singer/songwriter at a time when fellow talents like Alessia Cara and Billie Eilish are seriously moving the needle for young female pop stars. Latour is primed to join those ranks, especially behind tracks like her latest, “Superfruit.”

The track’s infectious poolside pop appeal already has the makings of an inescapable radio hit, complete with a singalong-ready hook and summery melody. Says Latour,

“This song came from a feeling, and I think the song feels exactly like that feeling. It’s partially about being sick of small talk, admitting how lonely I (and everyone feels all the time despite being constantly surrounded by people), but still feeling wonderful. It’s about a crush, it’s about summer. It’s about the feeling of pop rocks and orange juice, a frozen dream of driving down a high way in a car with my ponytail blowing in the wind. “

Listen to “Superfruit” below and keep an eye on Maude Latour as she nears her inevitable breakout moment.

Source: dancingastronaut.com

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