Burning Man unveils temple, ‘Empyrean,’ for 2020 iteration

Burning Man unveils temple, ‘Empyrean,’ for 2020 iteration2020 01 05 Temple Perspective Final

The 2020 installment of Burning Man music festival has gained artistic shape, with festival organizers announcing “Empyrean” as the thematic temple design for this year’s chapter of the Black Rock Desert-based affair. Designed by Laurence “Renzo” Verbeck and Sylvia Adrienne Lisse, “Empyrean” has an eight-star configuration, a design that Burning Man lauds for its “lovely geometry and inclusive design.”

The temple is 200 inches in diameter and will peak at 70 inches. “Empyrean” is an interactively structure that will be outfitted with flag poles that attendees can write on and pulley to the top to release their written sentiments to the wind as an offering.

Burning Man unveils temple, ‘Empyrean,’ for 2020 iteration2020 01 05 Temple Plan

“Empyrean’s” symbolic value dates back to Medieval times. Representative of the “highest celestial point,” from which humanity can reach the cosmos, Empyrean is also heralded as the birthplace of fire. A light that simulates a flickering flame will be displayed in the center apex of the temple, in homage to this association. Notably, “Empyrean” is not Verbeck and Lisse’s introduction to Burning Man temple architecture: the artistic pair erected 2019’s Temple of Direction. Burning Man will return to the Nevada desert from August 30 – September 7, 2020.


Source: dancingastronaut.com

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