UKG phenomenon salute reworks DJ Seinfeld’s ‘Someday’

UKG phenomenon salute reworks DJ Seinfeld’s ‘Someday’Salute Left Djseinfeld Right Pc Twitter @djseinfeld

The United Kingdom’s most sought-after DJ/producer of the moment has joined forces with dance music’s haziest lo-fi artist. Originally released on DJ Seinfeld‘s 2021 Mirror LP, “Someday” receives an energetic, club-ready facelift, courtesy of UKG producer Felix Nyajo, aka salute. The remix is a bouncy, driving take on the song, released by Ninja Tune on March 8.

Named BBC Radio 1‘s “Future Star” this year by Pete Tong, Austrian-born salute is a rising star. An understated performer, he’s often seen gently nodding and happily bouncing along to the music during his dynamic live sets. The UK garage phenomenon’s records have a unique cathartic feeling to them and often juxtapose fragments of despondence with euphoric relief. The artist is currently touring across five countries; his next stop is at Bal Fashions in Sheffield, followed by a stop at Cosmic Ballroom in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

DJ Seinfeld continues his string of latest collaborative releases with the kicking, industrial-club remix of Anfisa Letyago‘s “Insidia,” a tune sure to be debuted on a live stage very soon. The artist is still currently touring his Mirrors LP, and will be making stops in Australia, the UK, France, Berlin, and the Netherlands later this year. Due to popular demand, the artist has upgraded venues for previously sold-out shows in Melbourne, Paris, and Berlin. Tickets are now available on DJ Seinfeld’s website.

Featured Image: @djseinfeld/Twitter

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