Deep into the rhythm of life, Spoololife DJ Raphael Kroshay has developed a firm history of introducing EDM fans to the beats of different drums. This Rochester, NY born DJ was musically influenced at a young age.

Beginning with the Clarinet in the 4th grade, Raphael became guided by rhythm and joined the marching band.With an intensely growing love for music and the rhythm of life, as well as strong support from his parents, Raphael grew fond of hand drumming and complex rhythm structures.

A flexible and focused artist, Raphael maintains a clever approach to House, Techno, Breaks, and Drum and Bass.

Even further, Raphael doubles as a keen tribal percussionist and can also drop the rough rugged and raw chops, cuts, and scratches.

For this reason it’s no surprise to witness Raphael opening for legends such as Juan Atkins one night, and shakin’ dancefloors next to Mark Almaria the next.

No stranger to the arena, Raphael has been billed alongside brilliant DJs such as Juan Atkins, Mark Almaria, DJ Booth, DJ Nitro, Wilhelm K., 3D and many more.

Raphael has developed an innovative style of fusion turntablism.. and pairs it with a playful and energetic stage presence.

He also expresses himself through yet another medium. His clothing line “New Diggs” has gained popularity in New York, California, and the Midwest.

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