The Reducing America’s Vulnerability to Ecstasy (RAVE) Act is being drafted for introduction later this year, and seeks to attack the underground rave community by targeting potential venues in effort to encourage discrimination against music promotion groups on the basis of music culture.

This wanton scrutiny and injustice places an undue hardship on promoters such as Spoololife, and threatens the health and longevity of the underground rave scene we call home.

Unfortunately, THEY DON’T HEAR US, so we invite you to this special event to groove all night, and sign a petition in effort to encourage and compel our Indiana Senator, Evan Bayh, to vote against such discriminatory legislation.


Perry “Paris” Ellis

House // Cincinnati Bomb Squad, One Touch Entertainment


Progressive House // In The Groove

Tim Krochalk

Funk Enterprises // Progressive House

Jimmi Journey

Spoololife, BeeLeaf // House


Spoololife // House


Spoololife, BBS // Techno

Terminal Minded

BassmentKru, BBS // Live PA Drum and Bass

Bobby Mono

BassmentKru // BBS / FSOV


Video Projection by Dr. Mindbender

5,000 Watt Speaker Wall by Big Bone Productions

9 pm – 5am

$10 at the door.


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