Following 2 breathtaking installments of PNI, Indiana launches a fresh and clean PnI3 for 2006, a Midwest Electronic Dance Music Festival. Produced and Promoted by many of the regions dedicated DJs, Promoters, and Peeps we invite you to a Bread Breaking Celebration of Life through Electronic Dance Music live and direct from Indiana.

There is a particular beauty manifest when peoples gather.. and many become ONE.

Theres not known a desire, a dream, or objective beyond the capacity of a unified peoples.

When many become one.. we bring fresh life to all.

But what is it all about?

Some say I dont know and so then its About not knowing.. and this is perfectly OK. Some say Its about friends and so partake these souls in friendly pursuits.. and peace falls upon them. Some say Its about the DJ, some say Its about the attendance, or How Loud it isor How far the DJ flew to get here. This is perfectly OK as well.. it reflects that EDM has found a way to quench your desires. Some say Its about dancing and dance they up a spell to the beat of the drums. Some say Its about Spirituality and summons upon them a spiritual breeze that brings a harmony and balance to their being.

So many peoples, and so many things to B about as not just One thing has it to be, other than what all things make it to Be and thus it is indeed rendered as such.

When many Become One, in a stanza of time, each we scribe our part. In a Symphony of Life.

Welcome to PnI3,

Chapter 1 Dive and Dig Deep , an EDM Thanksgiving and Celebration of Life through Music

.: UFO :: DnB :: San Francisco, CA
Widely regarded as one of the US’s pioneering drum and bass artists and DJs, UFO! continues to edge forward, staking a position on the outward perimeter of the music. Inertia and momentum are things he’s had little use for in the past, and 2003 has seen him sharply accelerate his progression away from the center of drum and bass. A San Francisco native, UFO!-born Ed Garro-was musically baptized by hip hop. Mixing and scratching alongside fellow DJs Qbert, Shortcut, Quest and D-Stylz, UFO! quickly aspired to the status of battle DJ, learning the skills and exercising them every chance he had. Between his youthful days in hip hop and the present, Ed found himself enthralled with the new urban sound of London: hardcore…jungle…drum and bass. In it he saw a portal into the future, wider than any before. He stepped through, and soon after formed the Phunckateck collective. Since then he has released over two dozen singles on labels such as Thermal, Position Chrome, Phylum, Vortex, Commercial Suicide, Green and Phunckateck Communications. He also released his first album The Future is Listening on Thermal in 2001, one of the first full-length albums by any US drum and bass artist. His forthcoming album Defrag Life…..provides far-reaching evidence of how much he’s developed as an artist,including a surprise track that finds him venturing into the role of vocalist for the first time. The album traces an arc that incorporates a myriad of other forms and genres, each deconstructed and refabricated in the forge of his imagination. It’s an intense,and sometimes jarring excursion through a dystopian landscape; urban but not urbane. It’s also an intensely honest and personal collection of music. Every note and wash of color bears the imprint of an artist trying to communicate something bigger than himself. His inspiration came about after he moved to New York for a year, a decision that became a personal challenge to himself, mirroring the uncompromising demands he makes of his music. True to form, his DJing-and his idea of it-has evolved. Seldom appearing without a laptop now, he incorporates live digital processes into his sets, seamlessly switching from vinyl to live pieces. Even if his sets appear unsettling or unpredictable, his facility for creating larger contexts out of the music makes it work. To Ed, the computer is a whole instrument, not merely a sequencer or emulator of existing sounds. Not content to exploit it as a mere tool, Ed’s music embodies the very notion of the human-computer interface, tapping into the essence of the machine which in turn is driven to reflect the vision of the man. UFO!’s world is one where music, painting, graffiti,photagrafy and DJing are not easily separated. Championing an idiosyncratic form of urban futurism, his work in all forms is defiantly rooted in the industrial shadows of San Francisco bridges and New York high-rises, honed by the warrens of London’s tube and the mechanistic biology of Los Angeles’ concrete arteries and veins, while envisioning places where the grid of city blocks gives way to the grid of nanotechnology…a rupture that UFO!’s art rides with committed abandon, joyriding through the crumbling detritus of an industrialized society colonized by data and information…a place where the man is no longer easily distinct from the machine.

.: DJ ODI :: DnB :: NYC
DJ Odi is one of New York City’s finest jungle djs. his performances date back as far as 1989, when the 14 year old Harlem native began djing for various events in his neighborhood. his musical interests took a new turn in 1992, when he began promoting for the NASA parties of New York City. it was at these now-legendary parties that he gained his first residency, and began his career as one of america’s most sought after jungle djs. Odi’s talent and ability to please a crowd quickly gained him notoriety. he began touring nationally in 1995; his immaculate sets packed dance floors everywhere with a party vibe that became synonymous with the DJ Odi name. His signature style was characterized by his unique blend of scratching and sampling, both of which were more prominent elements of hip hop music. His creative fusion of hip hop and early drum n bass rapidly gained popularity among djs and producers, and it was through this fusion that odi has been credited for the development of “hipstep” (a.k.a. “jump up”) jungle. his accomplishments as an innovator of urban music were further recognized in 1998, when Odi became the first jungle DJ to ever be accepted into the prestigious zulu nation, forever demolishing the barrier between hip hop and drum n bass.

While DJ Odi is best known for his live performances, he is also an established producer. his production history goes as far back as 1995, with releases on both bml and the now defunct jungle sky label. he also pushed his craft to larger levels with his successful foundation of the digital konfusion crew. recently, odi has been working with the digital konfusion crew to spearhead their record label and clothing line, as well as running two successful radio shows on . Over the last decade, Odi has shared the stage with such legendary and respected djs as: DB, on-e, Jason Jinx, Mr. Kleen, Frankie Bones, Adam X, Soulslinger, Heather Heart, Micro, Richie Hawtin, Craze, Dara, the Burner Brothers, Blueline (of Mathematics), Phantom 45, Danny the Wildchild, Freaky Flow, J-smooth, Ak1200, Capital J, Hazeus, Trace, Ed Rush, Andy C, Darren J, Dj SS, Keaton, Hive, Dj Rap, Stakka, Roni Size, Krust, Bryan Gee, Sonic & Silver, and Dj Seoul. he can also be seen playing various New York drum n bass events such as Direct Drive, camouflage, recess, and the infamous konkrete jungle, where he headlines strategic sessions on the last monday of every month.

If one had to say a few words to sum up the multifaceted musical talent of Titonton Duvanté, adjectives like innovative, ambitious and creative could be used to describe him. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Titonton wrote his first song at the age of five entitled “Journey to the Stars. As a child, he was drawn to the upbeat rhythms of disco and the futuristic sounds of early electronic music such as Yellow Magic Orchestra and Gary Numan. As Titonton matured, he was intrigued by the music associated with breakdancing. He admired the Electro sound, as well as the sounds of The Art of Noise, Depeche Mode and New Order. He also enjoyed classical music, and in the autumn of 1989 began his studies of Classical Composition and Opera Performance at the Ohio State University. In April of 1990, Titonton purchased his first piece of professional electronic equipment and has been composing ever since.
In the autumn of 1991, the seminal techno band Body Release was formed with members Todd Sines, Charles Noel and Mike Szewczyk. Functioning as the core composer of the group, Titonton formed his unique style of music making. After the breakup of the band in the autumn of 1993, he began to seriously try his hand at the art of being a deejay. Titontons composing took a back seat for a period of time while he developed the skills required to express what he conceptualized. His musical techniques have been influenced by the ideologies of jazz improvisation and John Cage. If you are lucky enough to catch one of Titontons live PA or DJ sets, you will see that this man invests a lot of his own emotion into the music that he doles out to the audience.
Titonton has played throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia including gigs in Chicago, Detroit(including DEMF 2001), Boston, New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Geneva, Vienna, London(Co-op), Paris(Rex Club), Barcelona(Moog), Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Brussels, Berlin(Tresor), and Tokyo(Liquid Rooms). He has also gained notoriety as a recording artist releasing music on numerous labels such as: Palette, 7th City, 21/22 Corporation, Central, Planet E, Starbaby, SSR/Reflective, Phono/Environ, Multiplex, Metamorphic, 2000 Black and Transfigure to name a few. In addition to releasing music on all of these labels, Titonton has also released tons of material on his own label, Residual Recordings which he runs with partner Thomas James.
2003 marks a big year for Titonton as he is gearing up to release an entire arsenal of broken beat tracks on the following labels: Visions, Archive/Neroli, Amalgama, Jazzanova Compost and Rushhour. In addition he will release the melodic techno he is known for as well as drum and bass. As a dj he is equally sought after and considered to be the number one broken beat dj in the United States. .

.: DJ VENOM :: US Hard House :: Rhode Island
DJ Venom, real name David R. Schifino, has been playing the rave circuit since the early 90’s, but he began his career as a part-time hip-hop radio disc jockey in 1989. In fact, it was a group of fellow DJs who coaxed him into his first techno/house event, which was so overwhelming he eventually left hip-hop behind. Venom first purchased a pair of turntables and a mixer to lay down beats and scratches for all the aspiring MCs in his hometown of Providence. He then spent the next few years honing his skills, playing dozens of house parties and halls, mixing hip-hop, reggae, and house music. Meanwhile his addiction to vinyl worsened, causing milk crates to overflow with the likes of Boogie Down Productions, Ninjaman, and Todd Terry among others. Every dime made went towards the purchase of additional records and blank cassettes in order to produce more mix tapes.
Then in 1991, Michelangelo came to Providence. It was the first rave in the area, and its impact on Venom’s DJ career was huge. He had always loved house music, but the harder side of techno captured his attention, and instead of hip-hop, his next trip to the record store found him leaving with Jeff Mills, Praga Khan, and Prodigy. Around the same time, Venom began working at the radio station WXIN, 88.1 on the FM dial. Despite his lack of seniority, Venom’s turntable talent earned him two radio shows: “Sounds of the Streets,” a hip-hop/reggae show and “Utopia,” a house and techno mix. He continued these shows for many years, promoting both scenes and cultures all the while gaining notoriety.
Over time, Venom focused his attention more on the rave scene, hooking up with fellow DJs Carnage and Jedi to start Force Productions. Together they began throwing illegal parties known as the Insomnia raves, as well as a club night, “Genesis.” They also started a small publication entitled Force magazine. Venom’s DJ style found a place with the hardcore breakbeat sounds of 2 Bad Mice, Acen, and SL2. In addition, he continued to play house at Club Babyhead, which became a local legend.
In 1994, Venom split from Force to start his own company, Volume Productions, quickly cementing itself in Providence’s rave history. Their own magazine soon hit the masses, and Volume was quickly recognized as the biggest promotional crew from Rhode Island. That year also marked Venom’s first DJ competion. His set, consisting of scratching, body tricks, hip hop beats, and a blend of a brand new musical style called “jungle” earned him second place in the New England DJ Spin-off.
As both Volume Productions and Venom’s popularity continued to grow, his mix tapes, whether happy hardcore, jungle or house, were selling off the shelves. Soon his name began appearing on tons of flyers, and the whole crew began a new weekly Tuesday night called “Energy” at the Living Room, which is still going on today with Venom as the resident DJ.
The DJ Battle circuit saw Venom take home awards in three more competions. In 1997, he took first place in the New England DJ Battle and placed second in both the 1998 and 1999 Winter Music Conference DJ Competions, losing only to DMC champ, Craze. With over 80 underground mix tapes and CDs under his belt, Venom wanted to take thing a bit further with a licensed project. The Chicago-based Underground Construction label took notice of his coast-to-coast performances and liked the hard house sound of his recent CDs. They offered Venom a deal, which lead to a chain of succesful CD releases including Straight Bangin: 1&2 and House Blends 7&8, not to mention House Blends Classics.
Venom later pushed production to the forefront. Hard house releases on various labels as well as his own RetroTech label demonstrated his diversity and ability to produce new music with the oldschool breakbeat feel that first drew him to the rave scene. Venom continues to play drum & bass under the guise of DJ Eddie Brock and his CD, I See Dead People was praised by many. His newest CD release, Raise the Volume is due out on Warlock records new techno offshoot Surge Recordings while his own productions are scheduled to be released on Vagabond records with five monthly releases starting in October. In addtition, his side project, record label Kerubim Entertainment, is a trip into the goth/industrial world.

.: JASON TYLER :: Electro House :: NYC
In this era where everyone is a dj, Jason Tyler stands soulfully with his signature mark, performing live trumpet while mixing records. Not only is this a signature, but Jason Tyler goes down in history as being the creator of this unique approach to EDM. Jason Tyler is one of the most captivating and innovative Disc Jockeys currently on the dance music scene. His fusion of live improvisational trumpet, electronic music, and amazing stage presence has sent Jason Tyler on a course worldwide, playing and inspiring people to reach there dreams and goals.

John F. Kennedy once said

“We need people who can dream of things that never were”.

Jason Tyler not only invokes this in his sets, but passes that on to EDM fans abroad. Receiving a full ride jazz performance scholarship in 1994, to the prestigious Roosevelt University, brought Jason Tyler to Chicago. Since then he has recorded with Legendary House Producers such as Derrick Carter, Gene Farris, Paul Johnson, Roy Davis Jr, Glenn Underground, and Johnny Fiasco. Jason Tyler has also played trumpet over others dj sets including Mark Farina, Timo Mass, Cajmere aka Green Velvet, Fast Eddie, Miguel Migs, and many more. He has also been on tour with Paul Johnson, Boo Williams, Gene Farris, and Is currently touring with Dj Keoki. Jason Tyler has performed in venues all over the World including the United States, Japan, Canada, and Europe. When Jason Tyler takes the decks and the trumpet beginsan eruption of screams, cheers and dancing manifest all night long.

.: STEPKINETIC :: DnB :: Philly, Pennsylvania :: Dub Kinetics, Cellar Door Prod.
Started with Dub Kinetics, PA in Fall of 03, This 23 year old dj/producer brings to the table a wicked selection of high energy, hence the name representing. Affiliated with Dub Kinetics, Cellar Door Productions, and Tru-Skool Productions, Step has been playing parties on the east coast for the past 5 years and continues to grow and expand with the drum n bass scene that he loves so much. This isn’t just something to do on the side, or something to fit into a group. This is his passion, his love, it’s what he does because it’s in his blood to. Expect major things to come from this name!! Much love to everyone that supports and works with me on the business tip and just as friends or fans, I have unlimited amounts of love for you, on the real. And as usual, fuck the haters =-D BIG UP!!

.: DISRUPTIVE PATTERNS :: Live Ambient/ Down Tempo :: Milwaukee, WI :: Outlawed Productions
Chris Grant
Michael Wenz

.: KINKADE :: Electro Breaks :: Little Rock, AR :: Believe Productions, Ear on Floor
.: PLATINUMB :: Electro :: Little Rock, AR :: Believe Productions, Ear on Floor

.: TOM FOOLERY :: Electro Breaks :: Carbondale, IL :: /

.: UNKL RYAN :: :: Jackson, MS ::

.: The LADY FOURSQUARE :: House/Techno :: Louisville, KY :: Hushabye House

.: DJ IDENTITY :: DnB :: Louisville, KY ::
.: DJ SHORTBUS :: DnB :: Louisville, KY ::

.: JUGGERNAUT :: Techno :: Louisville, KY :: FUNKenterprises
.: HEADKNOCKAH:: Techno :: Louisville, KY ::
.: BENALAN:: Techno :: Louisville, KY ::

.: DJ M.D. :: 2 Step / Speed Garage :: Indianapolis, IN :: THCsyndicate,
.: JACK HERRER :: 2 Step / Speed Garage :: Indianapolis, IN :: THCsyndicate,

.: FIRE-4-HIGHER :: Edm :: Bloomington, IN :: / No Request
Jimmi Journey
Sean Mason
AC Select

.: JUST 3 WHITE GUYS :: MultiTurntablism :: Indianapolis, IN ::
Sound Victim
James B

.: SEA MONKEY :: DnB :: Indianapolis, IN ::
.: THE DOC :: DnB :: Indianapolis, IN ::

.: CUE HEFFNER :: House/Techno :: Southbeach, FL :: Sin City Syndicate,
.: HOTSAUCE :: House/Techno :: Southbeach, FL :: Sin City Syndicate,

.: COREY JAMES :: DnB :: Indianapolis, IN
.: SHADY J :: DnB :: Indianapolis, IN

.: GIZZMOWEN :: DnB :: Indianapolis, IN :: iQ Entertainment, SUBterror
Dave Owen

.: SPIKE MIKE :: Disco House :: Indianapolis, IN ::
.: SHANTRAN :: Disco House :: Louisville, KY :: Toymaker Music

.: Fetha :: DnB :: Bloomington, IN :: DJEMA, Bender
.: DJ Nonsense :: DnB :: Indianapolis, IN :: PhD Productions

.: DJ FATE :: Funky House :: Indianapolis, IN :: Bender, DJEMA
.: ANYALIDA :: Funky Electro House :: Indianapolis, IN :: Bender

.: DJ LADY BANDIT :: Breaks :: Dayton, OH :: Groovereactor
.: HIGH RISK :: Breaks :: Indianapolis, IN :: Funkshun Productions

.: KC9 :: Breaks :: Indianapolis, IN
.: DJ STIGMA :: Breaks :: Indianapolis, IN

.: BLINKERBEAKER :: Live PA :: Bloomington, IN ::
.: ENCRYPTION :: Techno :: Bloomington, IN ::
.: ALLEN :: Live PA :: Bloomington, IN ::

.: Velocitee :: DnB :: Indianapolis, IN
.: Dan Dave :: DnB :: Indianapolis, IN


This event is hosted at a natural setting, with thick robust woods and a sparkling lake.  The event will be outdoors, so do prepare accordingly. In addition to such an atmosphere, CAMPING is set to ON.

Camping ……………………. $5 per person

Camping IS NOT required for this FREE EVENT

Camping Starts Friday @ 9PM and lasts until Noonish on Sunday.

.: Preserve and Protect Your Local green Spaces

An environmentally conscious culture,  we introduce a new aspect to  Part of an initiative to preserve life and  reduce material consumption, recycling stations can be found throughout the venues spaces. Further, to avoid risk of  Emerald Ash Borer infestation, please refrain from bringing firewood.

Special thanks to our sponsors!

Stimline Variety (Indiana, USA)
Warning Magazine (California, USA)  Megagrooves (Indiana, USA)

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