DJ MD fell in love with garage music in 2000, and has been mixing all forms of the genre ever since.  He played his first rave (Ultra Violet Dreams) in January of 2001 in Indianapolis under his original D.J. moniker “Majickly Delicious.”

Touring Holland in 2001, MD delivered sessions at Club Da Rage on South Gravendijkwal in the section of Rotterdam known as the Niewe Binnenweg.

His distinct 2-Step and 2×4 Speed Garage sets with Jack Herrer gained notoriety throughout Indiana, their weekly residency on 90.7 F.M. (WMHD) being one of the only electronic dance music programs on the air in central Indiana at the time.

Aboard the Spoololife crew in 2004, MD delivers innovative 2 Step / Grime sessions, and has been billed along side legends Micro, Infected Mushroom, UFO, DJ Venom, Skylab 2000 and John B. to name a few.

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